InterNACHI is the last one standing in our industry. Everyone else got bought up

ISN, Nathan’s RWS, America’s Call Center, HomeGauge, Carson Dunlop, AHIT, ACI, Housemaster, Palm Tech, all the inspection franchises, all the schools… and now HIP is gone.

InterNACHI, the last hold out in the inspection industry.


What time you plan on the announcement?

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Announced. InterNACHI is the last entity that hasn’t been bought out.


@gromicko what Inspection Franchises do they own

Why don’t you buy HIP?

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You think Porch would sell it to @gromicko ? Maybe for double what they paid for it… $$$$$$… Dom just turned into a slave of his own creation and couldn’t hang… Everyone has a price, and Porch found Dominics…

Dom says he is NOW an “Independent Franchise”??? Is that what they call corporate sell outs now? He wasn’t independent before??

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If Porch came with the right price, you’d take it too. Welcome to the world.


There are no franchises to buy, they are already all owned by hedge funds and private equity groups. There really isn’t much left in our industry.

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Last man standing. Too bad the service here isn’t what it used to be.


Who owns ASHI?

I don’t think they are in existence any longer. Their site is up, but nothing new in many years.

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In this country (Canada) as far as I know, all associations are independent (not “owned” by someone, including the Chapter I founded years ago, InterNACHI-Québec/AIICQ)! But one must recognize that the unquestionable leader and trend setter, worldwide is Nick!

That mentioned, Nick, you are not the first but certainly the best and you have a duty never to give up InterNACHI!

All the best!



No wondering now why AHIT canceled my HI software after I paid close to a thousand dollars to them just a few years ago. How nice of them to offer a “discount” on some other HI software for 30 days only; They probably are being paid a kickback for every inspector that chose that referred HI Software. POS is as POS does!

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I thought they shut down their shitty AHIT app.

AHIT made a deal with Dominic in I think November 2021 to have HIP be the software they provided their graduates “at a discount”

Wished InterNachi had inspectors software.


Ian Robertson has the next best software to take the inspecting world by storm with “Inspector Toolbelt”


2 questions:
1: NHIE?
2: Who bought Carson Dunlop?

Alan, sold back in 2020;FAX Capital Corp. Announces Acquisition of Carson, Dunlop &

NHIE is a owned by Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors.

I did not realize CD sold back in 2020.
You are on the NHEI Board if I am not mistake, Scott.