Insight and advice - My Turn for a Florida License

I did a number of searches on nachi through google and did not turn up much results, especially recent, so please forgive me if this horse has been beaten over and over .

I read some conflicting posts, some say take the practice test over and over until I am acing it 90%+ many times over. And others say it is merely a tiny portion of the Internachi Florida proctored exam.

  • I am doing very well on the practice exam
  • I been through 30% of the 2000 flash cards, getting 90% of the answers correct and saving wrong
    answered questions to a study file
  • I mastered the termite course and have a number of field years running a termite company up North
  • I am fairly well rounded on environmental - mold, radon, asbestos, lead
  • I was grandfathered in… in NY back in 2006 so never had to study beyond continuing education…so
    I may be a little technically dumb as far as some terminologies or components such as internal
    elements of a hot water heater, breaking down into deep specifics about foundation construction
    -About to study nachi ethics, safe practices, and will try to make time to take and pass/ study the
    electrical course, fireplace chimney, and HVAC courses

Am I doing ok?.. am I in overkill mode or am I missing anything? Like others, I am not in the greatest of situations to fail or delay my licensing.

One thing would be very helpful… does the test expect me to know components from diagrams. I took the PHII training where they emphasized a lot of diagram component identification (foundations, heating systems, roof truss components, various foundation elements)…perhaps another weakness. Good info, but necessary for state licensing in Florida with the internachi proctored exam?

My test is scheduled for next Tuesday… wish me luck and thanks in advance!

If you have to ask if you are doing “OK”, you have answered your own question.
Study everything you can right up until the test.
You will do fine.
Good luck!

LOL, thanks Eric, yes my nerves getting the best of me. Exactly what I plan on doing.