InterNACHI membership in Canada topped 800 today!

Ontario 509
Alberta 150
British Columbia 41
Saskatchewan 30
Quebec 21
New Brunswick 20
Nova Scotia 18
Manitoba 8

Total 802

Congratulations mr. Nick!..inachi rocks!

Way to go inachi

From minutes of meeting of the Toronto Meeting Group on May 21, 2002.

RHI members 200
Assoc. 43

Last count using the OAHI find an inspector function

Members listed today
…RHIs 228
…Associats 98
…Applicants 4
Total …332

Only 28 RHI have been created since 2002!

I also think this list is not up to date could be even less .

Congrats, keep it growing.

Thanks Nick. I may not be on the mesage board very often but I take advantage of all the video education and products, Thanks too Ben as well.

UM question why does Canada have HI anyway? don’t all the homes get replaced every year?

"UM question why does Canada have HI anyway? don’t all the homes get replaced every year?"

Only if they melt. And with this global warming thing of Al Gore’s there could be thousands of homeless Canadians wandering around looking for a fresh igloo. :smiley: :smiley: :shock:


The single biggest growth rate is in Alberta.
We have over 70 registered members and guests planning on attending our AGM on 2010.01.25 at the Sands Hotel in Edmonton.
Go to to preregister.

Topped 850 today.

Ontario 538
Alberta 168
British Columbia 40
Saskatchewan 34
Quebec 23
New Brunswick 22
Nova Scotia 15
Manitoba 8

Total 853


Any thoughts as to why Nachi has so many more members in Ontario than all other provinces combined?

Yes. Because if you exclude Quebec, as it is a country unto itself ;-), there are more people in Ontario than all the other provinces combined. ON has a little over 13 million people, and the rest combined (leaving out the country of QB of course) has about 11 million.

860 members (as of today) and climbing!

PLUS a devastated auto manufacturing industry…lots of folks looking for work!!