InterNACHI membership in Canada tops 1,100 inspectors...

… and climbing.

Hello Nick what is the statistics for Ontario right now?

Down by at least 3 - that I know of promised free memberships. More will follow!

Great news glad to see them gone .
I think the long time freebies are seldom an asset .

I don’t think anyone should ever have free membership as it displays favoritism.
Now if you are willing to work for the Association by providing knowledge based education you should be compensated but it should not be considered free membership.
I think we can afford to loose at least 200 if they don’t want to continue with InterNachi. I would like to see how many are in Ontario if someone could wake up Nick.:smiley:

Very funny Nick! LOL Thanks for the update.

It is quite interesting to see how many are in Alberta.:mrgreen:

That’s OK - just more promises broken…and I perfectly understand.

FYI Kevin - I have served on the education committee as well as worked with our good friend Gerry Beaumont

I guess you reap what you sew .
Sad how things go around and some times come back.

Personally I would feel ashamed if I asked Nick to give me free Membership even if he was my next door neighbor. Now if on the other hand you were poor and Nick offered to pay that would be different however I highly doubt that is the case Claude.
Favoritism must go in all Associations as it is one of the big problems faced within Home Inspection industry.