Look at how together Chicago NACHI is.


Even their REALTOR Presentation jewel cases are gorgeous:


And handed out at the recent IAR convention. Pictures to follow.

BTW: Don’t give me any credit. The picture was found and supplied by our advertising committee chairman, Bradd Judd. and the layout was done by my 13 year old daughter.

Don’t you just hate it when your kids do better than you?

I hear ya, I have a 13 year old too who qualifies to be a licensed inspector in many states.

Not Amanda. She hates crawlspaces.

BTW. She is the ‘young girl’ in the Thermal Imaging Power Point I sent you. Note the sunburn on her arms and how the camera picks it up.

Old Jewish Curse / Blessing, conferred from mothers to their children:

May you have a child just like you!

Not in Illinois. Youy have to be 21 and have a high school diploma or GED.

We have real high standards :mrgreen:

BTW, Nick.

That is not the way to handle a CD. Only tough it on the edges. That cost me a whole $3.00 per copy!

Hope this helps;

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers: http://www.nachichicago.org/Meeting_Page.htm

Illinois Association of REALTORs: http://www.nachichicago.org/IAR_convention_2006.htm

Will is 7 ft