I'm at the Jacksonville licensing meeting and online. I'll update you in live time.

Meeting has just begun.

Code Officials Board representative spoke first and wants home inspectors to be prohibited from quoting building code.

His name is Bob McCormick.

Good idea.

As long as it does not include statements like " Although not required at the time of construction GFCI circuit breakers…"

I just spoke explaining that InterNACHI is the inspection industry’s leader in education: www.nachi.org/education.htm, that our courses are approved almost everywhere, and that InterNACHI should be Florida’s provider of the required 120-hours of education.

An ASHI member has just suggested the background check include a credit check. I am opposed to this as credit checks reveal civil, not criminal history. I don’t see how credit worthiness relates to the performance of home inspections.

Lets see - I just got divorced and my ex cleaned me out OR I had a heart bypass and couldn’t work for 2 months OR The RE market is dead and I’m barely hanging on. For the 1st time ever, I’ve got late on paying bills.

So if I get a bad credit score, I can’t inspect houses.

Leave it to the new breed of micro-managing home inspectors to keep trying to restrict entry into the home inspection business from others.

Where do these butt wipes keep coming from??

We should be grandfathered and exempt from a state test if in business over 3-5 years and performed 500 no problem inspections and no claims. When the state imposed a state test in law enforcement eveyone already certified was exempt.
What planet is this ASHI guy from?

I just spoke in opposition to including a credit check with the background check. The economy with the housing bust has been particularly hard on many inspectors. The inspection industry is high liability. A credit check is a civil matter and has nothing to do with fulfilling duties of a home inspector.

All in buisness when the Bill was signed should be grandfathered.

Thanks Nick.

Mold meeting has begun.

Point of clarification: I was at the meeting as well. The individual speaking in favor of a credit check was not speaking on behalf of ASHI or the ASHI membership. The individual was actually at state certified general contractor. State certified contractors are required to submit to a credit check. I believe that the individual felt that home inspectors should too. As a dual member (ASHI and NACHI), I do not support and would not support a credit check for licensure- as do the other members that I spoke with at the meeting.
Nick, to villify (incorrectly in this case) ASHI, serves no purpose in our efforts to positively influence the shaping of this bad regulation. As you have been at both meetings so far, as have I, you know the outside interests attempting to influence this regulation. As I have said in previous threads, now is the time for us to band together to fight off the outside influences attempted to take control.

Steve Taylor
Taylor Inspection Services, Inc.
Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233
Full NACHI member
Full ASHI member


I disagree.

agree on that 100%- not fair to some unfortunate people with this economy- Amy Hawley

I just spoke on the reasons IAC2 inspectors should be grandfathered as mold assessors.

Nick’s right.

ASHI is there to protect its interests. It would be foolish for Nick to waste time assisting them in that endeavor. ASHI’s agenda is not necessarily good for the industry. Look at its licensing model for proof of that.

OK, I’ll give up on the banding together argument with YOU. If, you will acknowledge your incorrect villification of ASHI noted above in your earlier post.:cool:

Thank you sir. InterNACHI simply can’t lower itself to “band together” with a no-entrance-requirement, society on matters of importance such as license grandfathering. I appreciate your understanding.

Mr. Bushart,
I would respectfully disagree with you. I am currently on the B.O.D. for Florida ASHI and can tell you that our chapter officially did not support any of this licensing. I also believe that the Sun Coast Chapter of ASHI did not support this licensing. While you may be correct about ASHI national, I can assure that Florida ASHI did not support licensing. I can also tell you that Florida ASHI is NOT the enemy.