Pretty nice CMI / ASHI member website.

CMI is open to all associations.
Nice website.

What happened? :blank:

Guess not nice enough.

His ASHI logo killed his biz. I told 2.2 million agents to look out for the ASHI diploma mill logo.

Remove the " /about.htm " and you get this…


INACHI telling 2.2 million agents not to use ASHI probably only reinforces their desire to use ASHI inspectors. It’s like telling kid’s not to eat candy before dinner.

The real estate agents did not hear you in Missouri, Nick, because they are still refering A$HI members (even the noncertified ones) like crazy. Maybe you need to tell them again, most agents and brokers are pretty dense when it comes to referring a good home inspector to their clients. Sad but true.

Mind posting the details of what you told them? I’d kind of like to see what you sent them.

Not a chance. Let the ground continue to quietly fall out from underneath their members who financially fund the ASHI diploma mill.

Well you are right about the quiet part because I have not heard anything locally that would discourage real estate agents to not refer A$HI inspectors.

So as NACHI’s president and founder, representing NACHI and the NACHI membership, sent real estate agents in our areas information, that you are NOT making your membership privy to. Is that correct?

Here in Tampa ASHI members tell Realtors to use ASHI members, ASHI National has nothing to do with it. Local members pool resources to print 10K brochures delivered twice a year to each & every Realtors office in the tri-county Greater Tampa Bay Area, coupled with a $10K budget for pay-per-click Google Ad-Words which provide at least three solid leads for me month in & month out. :wink:

This concept should be considered by CMI.

Mark, correct.
Joe, correct, group marketing works.

Whatever you did or your said had better be right, or you are going to have a mass exodus. If this ends up causing me trouble, money, or referrals, my $289.00 can and will be easily be spent elsewhere.

I just like to make sure that the number of inspections lost by being listed as a member of a known diploma mill (ASHI) exceeds the leads received (net loss in revenue for being a member of ASHI)… and I’ll continue to work to increase that net loss.

So you still got something big releasing next month that will dramatically hurt A$HI?

Not interested in “hurting ASHI” I could knock them out if I wanted to. InterNACHI is best served by having them around… just weak. From a business model, the more no-member-benefit associations out there, the better for InterNACHI. InterNACHI is only the biggest and the best… BY CONTRAST.

You are correct about next month. Won’t be a good one for diploma mill ASHI members.

OK Nick… It’s 1-2-2011 and (, what have you got?