InterNACHI now has a senior psychometrician on staff


I would think making sure the training was accurate would be a higher priority.

It’s dead on. Think about it… we have nearly 30,000 inspectors who have come mostly from the trades, and who inspect for a living, taking and commenting on those courses every hour of the day. Every comment goes to a subject matter expert for review. InterNACHI arguably has the most technically-reviewed courses (of any field of study) in all of human history.

Sorry Nick. I find errors in the frequent links to training that are posted. Things are getting missed or you need new SME’s.

Errors in links we post? You mean the links are dead?

I feel for his kids in school if he has any…it seemed like a favorite question for spelling class when I was in grade school was …what does Your father do for a living…I remember one such moment as I was staring at the ceiling and a teacher finally came to me and said what is wrong Jimmy…my response was… I have no idea how to spell nuclear physicist…most of them didn’t either…


Welcome to InterNACHI, Mr. James Olsen.
Great honor meeting you.
Looking forward to any advice you may offer prospective individuals taking InterNACHI tests.
Best regards.
Keep well.
Robert Young

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Moreover, testing questions and results.
I have pass all my prerequired tests only to be emailed I did not and I have to redo them. One was 97% and no fireplace questions. Due to no questions involving fireplaces, the test was deemed not valid.

I have even pointed out some of the errors and it did not seem like anything was done to correct them. No comments were posted saying it would be changed or asking why it was wrong.

I believe Jim is referring to multiple errors in the different online courses.

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That can only happen if you fail to log in first. Yes, it happens, unfortunately.

That’s true. If you don’t explain specifically why you think something in a course is wrong, we don’t send it to a subject matter expert for review.

I do not mean to disagree with you but I always logged in to take tests.

You take the testes? No wonder you were having problems. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol… You’re The Best!


Hm. I can’t think of a technical scenario where you complete courses logged in, and they don’t show up on your transcript. I’ll ask Tim.

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IT explained a way it could happen. If you joined twice somehow in the past and had two memberships. Then logging into one and completing courses wouldn’t update the other’s transcript.

Proper attire is mandatory!

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Hi, Jim. If you find errors in the curriculum, please email the Education Team at The team is not reading forum posts. Thank you.


Nick, one of your SMEs is asking basic questions in the electrical forum. Doesn’t add much to ensuring the material is validated.