Please join me in welcoming psychometrician Dr. Sandra Dolan to InterNACHI.

Dr. Dolan is President of Psychometric and Certification Consulting. She will be assisting InterNACHI with exam development.

Welcome aboard Dr. Dolan!

Good move. Maybe she can be tasked with evaluating the NACHI entrance exam. :wink:

Don’t you think we have enough “psychos” already??

I know I am…

InterNACHI is the largest inspection school in the world with more approvals and accreditations than the rest of the industry combined (see right column of and we are constantly striving to ensure that our educational offerings are the very best of the best.

A great move, Nick

Welcome Dr. Dolan!


Welcome Dr. Dolan.

excellent move!
now you can develope an 80-200 hour program that states who require licensing can use for their entrance requirements.
keep up the good work Nick!

Finally. This subject was discussed at length on another thread with Joe F. I hope it makes it’s way to Kansas.

Welcome, come on in and take your shoes off.:smiley:

To steal a line from Kurt Vonegut… “Welcome to the Monkey House”, this should prove interesting. :slight_smile:

Welcome Dr. Dolan

Great news, 5 years late but great news :frowning:

iNACHI has some of the best exam systems out there, shame no one knows how good they are :shock:


I like that:D:D

I think everyone knows already, Universities call me at least once a week to lecture to their professors on the subject of exam building (I should have never written :roll: )

Anyway, we won’t be releasing any reports publicly. She is not here to prove to anyone what we already know. She is only here to make everything the best it can be on the exam side, just like JW does on the training side.

InterNACHI administers more courses, quizzes and exams and has more approvals and accreditations than the rest of the entire inspection industry combined:

Welcome Dr. Dolan!!! Great move Nick. Just in time for Florida preparation. (July 2010).