InterNACHI offer from Makeover Inspections and Consulting


Thanks Nick.

I spent 40 minutes with Tom Michalic this morning and after both of us understanding each other and hitting it well on both ends right off the bat, we both like each other and are ready for our 2nd call. I loved it when Tom said: You’re still a young man Michael.

Over the past 12 and a 1/2 years InterNACHI has presented me with several opportunities to work with other companies and I’ve made a substantial amount of money taking advantage of the opportunities.

I’ve checked this company out and am extremely excited to be presented with this opportunity. It just “Feels Right”. Kinda like after your 1st time being intimate and then getting “Super Excited” when she tries something new with you.

I’m grinning ear to ear, just like I always do when …

I hope Y’all having as good of a day as I am.


I have completed their training and become certified through HUD. Seems pretty easy and the process was smooth. I have completed their on-boarding process. We’ll see where it goes!

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Hi Michael, I hope you are well. Any traction on this? Any paying jobs come through to date?


Brian, yeah man just super swamped. To be honest, I had to change direction for a short period of time but I will definitely be back in touch with Makeover somewhere around mid year (June to July). Straight up man, they’ve been very reasonable if not good (yeah, they are really good to work with).

Having my daughter and wife run my Inspection business now. I’m working on something huge (never been done before) to capture most of the market share. I’m getting certified in this and certified in that and all the training has my head rolling.

Healthwise I’m good. I think a lot of you and wish you the very best. You’re a good man / inspector and I’d even consider you a friend.

  • Michael

Oh yeah … stay safe

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Great to hear! I can feel your enthusiasm and drive. Your positive attitude is inspiring! Keep us updated because success is contagious :smile:

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Well, don’t keep us in suspense. Spill the beans! It’s hard to imagine there’s anything that hasn’t been tried or done before in this industry.


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Ryan, I think the world of you as well. Brother man, I’m exhausted. I can tell you that it’s to help people in all phases of their life. I could fail man but I won’t. My wife needs me now since it’s 10 pm and I’m exhausted mentally. I’m not leaving InterNACHI (never, ever, ever) but I do need a break. My wife and daughter will be running things for me for the next couple of months. I never told you but you’re okay in my book.

I wish you the best my friend and remember … always stay safe.


Take care of yourself and follow your passion. There is no such thing as failure if you are doing what you like.


Thank you Nick. I have my phone call scheduled for tomorrow.

Robert, I was wondering if you have done any work through the HUD and how easy or hard was the training?

The training was similar to all the Internachi on line stuff; but much more detailed and lengthy. I did it over two weeks in January when business was slow. The HUD approval was easy and Makeover assisted with it. I’ve only gotten one job so far & it was simple. Unlike the inspection biz; the referrals come from lenders, not realtors. Feel free to call me if you want to talk further about it. 443-752-3530.

Thank you Robert. I may call you after my call in case i have more questions.