InterNACHI on OH Licensing Board by law.

**Sec. 4768.04. ** There is hereby created the Ohio home inspector board consisting of five members. The governor shall appoint three members who are licensed home inspectors and who each represent different national organizations that consist of and represent home inspectors. Of the members appointed by the governor, one shall be an independent licensed home inspector and one shall be a member or representative of a home inspection franchise business. The president of the senate and the speaker of the house of representatives each shall appoint one member who represents the public and has no financial interest in the home inspection industry. Not more than three members of the board shall be members of the same political party.

can You put this in english Nick…how can the gov. appoint licensed home inspectors as we have been an un-licensed state thus far… so as far as i know there are none…or am I missing something here?..jim

Passed the House on May 6th.

Yes,… but My question is How does He appoint something that did not exist…do they become liscensed because of the appointment or does He import liscensed inspectors from elsewhere as none Here are liscensed to my knowledge…

Interesting! Are NACHI inspectors going to be notified of licensing requirements? I agree, no one here is licensed at this point. I tried to find a licensing requirement when I started and no one in Columbus knew anything, but this was last year.