InterNACHI recommended in Angie's List article about Florida inspector licensing.

InterNACHI in Angie’s List article critical of licensing.

I agree. Now can we please throw the whole Idea in the trash. It is ONLY about the STATE making a Buck.

Many businesses see the new home inspection law as a means to get mold licensing / regulations passed. 3 to 4 years to qualify for a mold license and 3 to 4 weeks to qualify for a home inspection license (July 1,2011).

Most of “us” are very happy with the new law.

It’s a beatiful day in Florida:D

congrats. without trying to sound sarcastic I am happy for you. I personally think it all sucks and it is a pain in the a s s that is limiting what people who have been doing things for years can now do.

Handyman in my neighborhood has been re roofing homes for years, he just doesn’t see any reason for a license or permit for that matter. He even does a few “home inspections” around here now and then.

For mold, if you do the job right, little will change and about $400 or $1600 in our office for a license is nothing.

Real mold inspectors will not be affected, I think the “indoor air quality tests” group who fill out a chain of custody for mold will.
The conflict may be over begininng tomorrow.