InterNACHI TV Shoot

Our Canadian based Home/Mold inspection training school went out to Boulder Colorado to do a TV shoot on “Mold in Canada”.Last week(which will be released shortly)
What a Great Team we have out there!!!
Was a pleasure meeting Nick, he is a very devoted person who takes pride and truly cares about his InterNACHI members.
The NACHI TV Team was the Best! The support,time and personal attention given to us was amazing.
We would like to thank
Lisa:) …and the rest of the crew

Their time and effort given to us was greatly appreciated.

Thank you Girls!
and thank you Nick!

Allen Cavdek/Arne Kluge
Inspect4u…Inspect4mold…Consumers Choice Inspections

Congrats Allen!

greatly appreciated Harold

It was fun. Episode revealing what the Canadian government thinks about mold will air next week.

Or should I say “moulde” ? or is it “mould” ?

It’s mould.


Mould, ey?

“Mould , eh?”

Got it.


If NACHI TV is in Toronto in August, maybe we can get an actual Canadian Government official to speak about their policies on mould, asbestos, radon, etc. for a future show.

I can make some calls if you are interested.

Bill Mullen

Please do!