InterNACHI VEGAS Convention 2010!

InterNACHI’s 2010 Convention is officially in the works! Tentatively we are looking at late summer, early fall. Our education at the convention will cover IR, Energy Audits, Electrical, Marketing and so much more! There will be no Plumbing 101 at this event, we are covering everything and anything new! Please submit your ideas for the convention, because it is still in the works there is plenty of wiggle room. Did I mention it’s going to be in VEGAS? Who wants to party with the InterNACHI crew? :wink:

Fantastic. I can’t wait.

I would very much like to attend this one.

Cool what about green classes?

Would like to attend. It seems logical to have it Labor day weekend, 3 day weekend for most folks. But any weekend works for me. Enough lead time is all I need.

Hmmm, Labor Day could be good, but I know a lot of people like to BBQ or vacation with the family. What’s everyone else think?

We’re self employed and can make our own 3-day weekends. Don’t schedule on a holiday.

James has a point.

The costs would cheaper the weekend before or after. It doesn’t matter to me. Like James said, we work for ourselves.

I’ll be there. Paige put me down for a talk on website optimization, social networking & marketing. Could be anywhere from 2 to 8 hours (the last Vegas talk I did was supposed to be 5 hours and the guys pushed me to 8).

I will find a way to be there, come hell or high water!!! I have been waiting for a Nachi convention for “years” !!! You ‘clinched’ it with VEGAS !!!

You could have a booth selling cookies :mrgreen: We’ll put you right next to our booth.

Somehow, me’thinks, any profits would disappear!!! ;):wink:

I have no idea what you’re talking about :shock: :roll: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, maybe I’ll just ‘smuggle’ a “special batch” on the plane for ya! :D:D Then we’ll see just how creative you can be. :-;;:-;;:-;;

How about a water testing class?? There is pitifully little information on the Nachi site. I looked last year, and other inspectors inquire frequently on the MB. In the meantime, a Nachi in-depth course would be appreciated. I am receiving more and more requests for this. Not just for private systems, but for homes on municipal systems also. Guess people are not trusting municipalities anymore. Wonder why? Thanks.

Joe Farsetta has a good class on that.

I know Joe is intense, but how is his course? I am looking for way more than his Nachi.TV segment, regarding depth of information.

LOL…His course is unbelievably intense. The final has never been aced.

8 hours long…and the only one like it in the nation.

The CD weighs eight pounds.:wink:

Awesome… that’s what I wanted to hear. If he teaches his class there, I will look forward to attending it.