They share an office. Is that a problem?

They also share the same Name and other Companies also share the same name at this same address . I do not know is that a problem???

Just so everyone knows.
Vern Mitchinson has rewarded INACHI members in Alberta Canada and the ASSOCIATION INACHI ITSELF.
HIS tireless efforts THROUGHOUT THE YEARS ( with other members helping ) rewarded Albertan INACHI members and INACHI education the right to be accepted for licensing and regulastion in Alberta under the free trade act.
He fought selfishly to enact a level playing field so INACHI members had the RIGHT to take the exam being offered Sept. 13 ( I think ) so you would not have to work under an agency.
He also gained prominence for the distinguished CMI designation.
Those whom have the CMI designation will automatically be accepted to be licensed. Now you have to ask Vern for the details. I am a bit behind on the whole affair.
He defended Albertan INACHI member although other ASSOCIATION.s tried to stop him from attending the meetings for licensing and regulation in Alberta.
One association in particular tried the hardest and will remain nameless, but we all know the
" association of association " name that screened " save us from our competitor!!! " to the government for years so you would be** forced** to take there education and designations.

I ask members to award Mr. Vern Mitchinson your thanks by voting him as INACHI member of the year with your voice through the awards comity.
My hat is off to you sir.
May I gain the strength, resolve and education to push forward and install fairness and equal representation into the Canadian Home Inspection industry FOR ALL as you have.
Great work Vern.:slight_smile:

Hey Mike, nice to see you on the boards, will you be out in Ontario again anytime soon, as I remember there was discussion of more classes in October, but I can’t remember what they were for. Went for the holiday and came back all lost as to what I was supposed to be doing, I need to get onto my mocks, and have started some college courses, so I feel a little more on track now.

No no problem. Scot did not mean anything by it I think. Scot is a great INCHI MEMBER.
We all try to keep at ARMS LENGTH to avoid issues.

I’ll probably be back in late October early November to teach a new class in Ozone. Check out the new site

And what Issues would be at ARMS LENGTH ??

Not sure what renting a 12 x 12 room to be used as an office, where the 1 employee and 1 volunteer work, while another business is in the same place, that is located in a stripmall has to do with this issue.

I’m sure you have the " Facts " in some form of printed and tangable usage, because I’d like to see them.