InterNACHI vs. Joe Kelly and Pennslyvania Home Inspectors Coalition (PHIC) update.

On Friday, the Judge granted our motion to admit attorney Mark Cohen into Pennsylvania to help with our suits against PHIC, its members, and their wives.

Does mentioning “their wives” really make it seem that much worse? I can’t imagine your paying members are overly proud of this chest pounding.


It is far more than mere “chest pounding.” It is years of lawsuits, many of which we’ve already collected $ on. Our lawsuits will never stop as long as I am alive. And now that we’ve been able to get our other killer attorney, Mark Cohen, into the PA ring for us, we are no longer accepting settlement offers from PHIC members. From here on out we seek nothing but their personal financial ruin. One at a time, we’ve been destroying them individually and won’t stop until they are each penniless.

phuc phic … and all other ASHI models for using legislative action to control home inspectors.