Judge grants InterNACHI's motion to compel ASHI's Joe Kelly and PHIC.

They’ve been been fighting this tooth and nail in order to delay. Makes me wonder what is in those documents ;).

After 5 years, this is the mother load we’ve been waiting for. They have to produce all their documents. This will allow us to sue everyone and every other association that participated in harming InterNACHI or its members. It’s going to be an all out bloodbath.

Here is the historical update page: www.nachi.org/phicscam.htm

I’m looking forward to reviewing those docs. Most important verbiage in the Order is “without objection”.

Go get them Nick! make them suffer they deserve all you can give them!!! No mercy this time!

this is still going on?

5 years. We finally get to see their membership list, who all was involved with PHIC, who attended their meetings, who exchanged emails with them, who conspired with them to harm InterNACHI members, and who badmouthed InterNACHI… so that we can sue all of them.

PHIC fought our motion arguing that all these records are too “voluminous.” Now they have to turn them all over to us. Like I said, today we hit the mother load that will lead to us filing many more lawsuits.

15 more days! I can hardly wait. :smiley:

They must be total idiots.

These docs should have been shredded long ago, or have mysteriously dissapeared from storage.

That’s a crime as well. Too many of these emails and documents have gone back and forth with other PHIC scumbags and we have many of these documents already.

13 more days!

Well, we went to court today and won again! Many thanks to attorney Joe Ferry. His win record is matched by no other attorney.

This morning’s win will provide us with the documents we needed to file additional lawsuits against everyone involved with PHIC.

Sounds like PHIC is PHUC’d.

We received a huge case of copies of email exchanges today. All I can say is Wow. I had no idea that certain people were criminally collaborating and conspiring with each other to harm InterNACHI and/or its members. I hope they have a lot of money in personal $avings to spend on attorneys fees for the next 10 years.

I hope you can communicate some of those names, or at least, numbers of people and/or other national associations who conspired to shut out InterNACHI out of licensing, and many other issues, perhaps in other states, to NAR executives and every RE office owner and broker throughout the U.S.

Used home commissioned sales people need to know who and whom they are dealing with, for real.

It is amazing me how the public, corporations, all lie. It is a way of life. No one wants to know the truth. We are the last of a dying breed.

One industry leader called tonight while Mark and I were reading through all the email documents, and pre-settled. Part of the settlement agreement requires him to help us nail the rest of them.


Bet you were tempted to tell him to go F#$^&*## himself.

Dennis, you read my mind!

Will you be sharing any interesting highlights?

The first rat off the ship usually does ok. It is the other stubborn rats that end up in the drink.

Phuc Phic.