It’s almost here watch for Internachi comming to Canada.
We expect this will really give NACHI a push now .
There is so many new things and Ideas and of Course like most NACHI events free or very reasonable .
Remember NACHI is by the members for the members .
NACHI is members helping Members, just look at this board.
The help is second to none the members get and give help to all

You can say that again! :slight_smile:

Roy, Does this mean I’m going to have to pay membership dues every year to another association?


Nothing has been fixed yet as far as I know .
I do not think you have to join internachi if you do not wish to.
If you want to belong to internachi I think it will only be a very small token to belong to both.
This is still in the planning stage and I do not know much more then you.
Past experience with NACHI is there will be no secrets and all members will be kept in the loop.
NACHI is for the members like the all day MOULD course .
You can usually attend any NACHI course for free.
NACHI for the members by the members.

Roy Cooke sr … R.H.I… CAHPI-on…