InterNachi ?

I was a Nachi member for a couple of years but just renewed after a 2 year absence. Now I see “InterNachi” everywhere. Yeah I could look around the website and figure out what “InterNachi” is all about, but to save time…what’s up wit dat ? :mrgreen:

Got sued by NAHI.
Nough said.

Uh, no.

InterNACHI was launched long before the mini minneapolis association run by a for-profit management company owned by it’s own Executive Director destroyed themselves spending $200K+ trying to get NACHI to do something they were already doing (stepping aside for InterNACHI). All they accomplished was to give our in-house counsel enough ring time to nearly bankrupt them in legal fees. It didn’t cost us a penny to nearly wipe them out to the point where they settled with us out of court for zero, zilch. We did everything we could to keep the case going for as long as we could and Mark did a great job, burying them in truck loads of motions and paperwork. Their high-priced lawyers got fat and loved the billable hours. And so did we. :stuck_out_tongue:

Today, they have no more people on staff, no membership benefits, do nothing, and their few remaining members are now being taken over by a known no-entrance-requirement diploma mill. In contrast… we are doing more than ever: at a faster pace than ever.

By the time they realized that it was all a feited mongolian retreat, it was too late. For those who find it hard to believe…

  1. Note the date (years before they made their fatal decision) of this $1,000.00 message board contest and compare the winning logo on page 7 of the thread with our current one in the top left hand corner of

  2. Also note the effective date (2004) of InterNACHI’s Federal Tax Exempt status

InterNACHI had been in the works for many years and today we have truly become an international organization with members around the world.

Welcome back James! BTW It will allways be NACHI to me!:smiley: