NACHI and another national association make peace today with new agreement.


So we’re going for InterNachi now totally? So how will this relate to the 10,000 limit? That would have to be dismissed, or only limited to NACHI, as well as only be in the US because an International Organization couldn’t limit itself to 10,000 members right?

How bout all the man hours and cost it will take for all of us to change every reference to NACHI to InterNACHI in all of our websites, business and marketing materials.


Not sure if changing logos applies to members, or just Actual NACHI-based promo material.

Hatchets are better left buried . . . .
Tho not always in skulls . . .

Oh well, one less thing to worry about… whatever that other
whatchamacallit was called.

BTW… wasn’t that quote “peace in our time” the famous
quote someone made about Hitler just before WWII broke out?

OK… I’ll be quiet.

This just freed up some time, energy and dollars to pursue other avenues.

Pennsylvania comes to mind.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr.Cohen in Toronto. I was impressed. And believe me I am not easily pleased. :wink:


hmm…the way I read it NAHI got everything it was asking for.

Does this mean we can’t refer to NAHI as scumbags, losers, hacks, phonies …

lol…just says to me NAHI got everything it was sueing for, a name change technically and stopped nick from using their name on the board and well…kinda what they took NACHI to court for anyway so I don’t know.

I am sure it saves Nick alot of headache anyway but probably could have saved the issue by changing the name up front I guess and met the demands before it went to a court setting anyway.

NAHI can now resume its pace to die a natural death and no longer use its fight against NACHI as a means of providing a reason to its dwindling membership to send in their money. I think they will soon find that, without a common enemy to unite them to fight against, they have very few other reasons to continue.

Yahoo…money towards the CMI program now…( sorry…I could not resist Mr. B )

Wrong guy, it was Neville Chamberlain who said this after meeting with Hitler. But the peace Chamberlain sought was never realized and once Germany invaded the Netherlands he was forced to resign as Prime Minister, that is how Winston Churchill came into power, the rest as they say is history.

NACHI and another…7/11/07 10:00 AMred box

lol…yet another coward who can give red boxes yet are too chicken CRAP to post a name…figures…the truth does hurt sometimes…:wink:

The whole box thing is retarded. I finally shut it off. Some retard gave me a red box because he thought I left him a red box so he left me one out of spite. How stupid is that? I haven’t given out any for a couple months and that was one only.

Raymond… correct. I agreed to no longer call them scumbags. Actually, I had already stopped calling them scumbags on May 8th when they agreed to change their Code of Ethics to more closely match ours:

I would have loved to dump “home” but our experts felt that the “NACHI” brand was worth more to us than my desire to move away from being a mere home inspection association an toward an inspection (commercial, mold, thermal imaging, etc) association… and so had to be preserved.

“National” has a negative connotation in other countries and so this change repairs that problem.

Here it is in a nutshell:

International is BIGGER than National, and Certified is BETTER than not. We became bigger and better (relative to the other association) without losing our NACHI brand.

In return for becoming relatively bigger and better… we got some nuisance stuff cleaned up and out of our way, stuff that was hindering our growth.

Maybe…just maybe the whatchamaycallit group from Minnesota will go after ASHI next.

lol…nice edit Douglas…thehehehe

Someone’s “Wise Ole Toofless Stanken Granny” once said…



We’ve got some pretty fine NAHI people in Western Missouri. I am glad that our two main camps are now at peace.