InterNACHI's Free Listing Inspections Program: Answers to Frequently-Asked Questions.

Folks, below is the link to our FAQ page for the Free Listing Inspection Program we are creating.

If you have a question you’d like answered, post them here and we’ll add it to this page along with an answer for you. We’ll also announce as each question is added and answered.

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InterNACHI’s Free Listing Inspection Program - FAQs: - InterNACHI

Will the report be taken down after an offer has been made on the home?
Can we also post these reports on our personal website?
If so, how do we get access to these reports from InterNACHI?
Perhaps this hasn’t been that thought out about all the “what if’s” but just thought I’d throw it out there.

Also, I’ll try to add questions to fit sensibly in the existing order of the page, not the order asked. Therefore the numbering associated with each question might change over time. CLICK HERE to visit the page: InterNACHI’s Free Listing Inspection Program - FAQs: - InterNACHI

Answered and added to InterNACHI’s Free Listing Inspection Program - FAQs: - InterNACHI Michael. Thanks.

  1. How is he inspector going to be selected? Are the agents still going to make the referral or are you going with a system like the Owens Corning roof tech?

  2. Who’s pre-inspection agreement do they sign

Are ancillary inspections included in this offer?

  1. How will InterNACHI determine at what point to stop paying for the inspections and require the inspector to go at it on their own?

  2. Is InterNACHI planning to sell the buyer leads to the agents to help perpetually fund the program?

  3. In the initial layout of this program it was stated that the Inspector would receive a portion of the download fee, I did not see this addressed in the Faq page. Will there be a fee split?

  4. Once InterNACHI stops paying for the report then InterNACHi is no longer the client which alters the Liability situation correct?

  5. Will InterNACHI provide an example inspection agreement for whomever is paying for the Inspection to be hosted on a site for downloads?

  6. Will there be any requirement of a standardized reporting form, or template?

  1. Is this going to have a “soft start” similar to the Porch/BBG program? If so, which states will it start off in?

  2. You have mentioned using InterNACHI’s fee calculator to figure the price that you will pay inspectors. Which selection will you use for the “How busy are you?” There is a HUGE difference in these categories.

  1. Is Porch going to be involved in any way shape or form ? (Now or in the future)

  2. Once we get started on our own, how do you see the realtors reacting to us selling them back the leads we got from their listing?

Thank you for the FAQ – it is a great marketing piece and I appreciate all the effort put into it, but it still does not answer my most important question:

Within a 30 mile radius of my home (and office) there are over 1,000 NY licensed inspectors.
A good estimate is about 1/3 to ½ are most likely Internachi members.

How is Internachi to select, from the 400 or so Internachi inspectors in my current service area, who will get these inspections?

I have spent 15 years building a business and reputation to differentiate myself from all the rest of these 1,000 inspectors,
to the point where I currently inspect about 2% of all the homes sold here.

Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s huge when there are that many inspectors within 20 minutes of my office.

Any program that increases that is good for me, so I ask again,

How will you select who gets the inspections ?

You should go back and read again.

Two Ways:

  1. InterNACHI can send out inspection leads sent to them the same as they do the Owens Corning program.
  2. You market it on your own to the agents you want to work with. (do as many as you can handle)

hope that helps

All caught up (at this point) posting your questions and answering them at InterNACHI’s Free Listing Inspection Program: FAQs - InterNACHI

Thanks for such great questions fellas.

  1. I do not agree with the Home Advisor approach to email blasting jobs to all inspectors in a given area at one time.
    A. This is very unfair to independent inspectors who don’t have a dedicated office staff to answer phones or monitor emails.

  2. Copywrite? A lot of home inspectors copywrite their inspection report and specifically indicated it is for the sole use of the client .

  3. Royalties - Absolutely, we should receive a royalty for each report sold

  4. Questions - Currently, I only will discuss the report with my client. I do not make it a practice to discuss the report in with contractors or other individuals. Seems like a lot of potential extra work here answering questions from everyone who purchases the report (1,5,10 ? or more) and we’re not getting justly compensated for it.

  5. ISN - many inspectors use ISN as their office assistant. Will this program interface with ISN for agreements, completing report orders, accepting/tracking payments, populating my inspection report with property, client and agent info. (ie is InterNachi going to complete the order request once an inspection is assigned or have Download option to ISN?)

  6. Report format - I currently use Home Gauge to produce and deliver my reports. All reports are delivered in HTML format for best viewing. It also has an option to create a repair list from the report along with the capability for multiple people to view the report in different locations at the same time. All of these options allow me to compete with larger franchise operations and help me stand out from other inspectors who choose not to embrace technology and still rely on outdated methods. Will options like this be available through the InterNachi system?

7 Agreements - Most inspectors have their agreement in place and usually operate on a take it or leave it basis. Is InterNachi going to sign all of our individual agreement or require all inspectors to use an InterNachi created agreement?

If a realtor lists a home, calls me to get the listing inspection, how does InterNACHI know to pay me?

Kenneth, I think we answered your questions except for #6 and for that I need some information. Nowadays, everyone can open a PDF. Why not just use PDFs?

What if an agent (or agents) specifically request me for the pre-listing inspection? Will NACHI still pay for it?

Also, who will pay for the re-inspection after repairs are made?

Is the program only available for InterNACHI members that are Certified Master Inspectors or can state licensed InterNACHI CPI members take part as well?

Caught up to this point. Great questions fellas.

  1. Does the seller or listing agent get a copy of the report or do they need to download it like everyone else?

  2. I think listing agents are going to love it, and I can market it to them, but I don’t want my marketing efforts to supply my competitors with the jobs. Can listing agents or sellers ordering the inspection from you specify the inspector the want?