InterNACHI's lobbyist stops Bills pushed by IBEW in R.I. from prohibiting home inspectors from opening service panels

Regarding H5414 and S919 (Bills pushed by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers), which would prohibit home inspectors from opening electrical service panels during home inspections in Rhode Island:

In May 2023, on behalf of InterNACHI, I retained The Victor Group (a registered lobbyist) to devise and implement a comprehensive legislative strategy to defeat these two Bills that were moving through the general assembly.

Our lobbyist engaged with the speaker Shekarchi and senate president Ruggerio to express our concerns regarding the Bills and their impacts, and also met with Matt Weldon (DLT director) to discuss our opposition to the Bills. I worked on the Board of REALTORs side to gather support for our cause explaining that InterNACHI members find defects that protect the safety of our shared clients. I also explained to the IBEW (to no avail, IMHO), that home inspectors find defects that their members are then paid to correct.

By acting quickly (we had almost no warning about these Bills), it appears we achieved some success.
We were promised that although the senate Bill will be voted in the committee, it will be held and not transmitted to the floor; thus giving InterNACHI more time to prepare an amendment if the Bill was to move forward. Although the legislation is not dead, InterNACHI was able to curb the senate’s appetite to move this Bill forward.,

Update: So far, S919 was never sent to the senate floor for a vote and H5414 never made it out of committee.

Nick Gromicko


Good luck with that endeavor.

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Keep up the good fight, Nick!

I want to thank Nick Gromicko and InterNachi for Hiring the lobbyist to help RI home inspectors fight the Electrical union on these Dangerous bills that would prohibit Home inspectors from conducting any level of electrical inspections. Myself and my fellow home inspector Board member Paul Brunetti have been fighting on this issue for 2 years now. Currently this is just a Rhode Island issue, but I assure you, if the IBEW wins in this state, they will most certainly start trying this in other states. Nick has been following this issue close and we would have been steam rolled in the legislature. I gave testimony before the House and Senate, I lobbied with the Board of realtors, the state building council, the RI Builders Association, the RI contractors licensing board, and any other organization who could listen and we defeated the bills this time. I know they will not stop and we wont stop either. We are proposing our own bills that would exempt home inspectors from any such restrictions as we are Trained, Certified, Licensed and Insured to do this work, and we are saving lives. Thanks again to Nick and InterNachi. We could not have done this without your help.

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