International Inspector Success Seminar in Toronto on August 14, 2008.

I will be there!

See you in YYZ

count me in.:stuck_out_tongue:

This sounds interesting, I will be there.

Attorney Joe Ferry is probably speaking on limiting liability and John McKenna is working on putting together a 2 day IR Certified course for the 15th and 16th.

OK. Infrared Certified course on Aug 15-16 and attorney Joe Ferry speaking on August 14.

Also, I’m trying to get Joe Farsetta to wrap up the event on the evening of the 14th by performing a modern, interpretive dance expressing his feelings on the subject of everyone getting along. :wink:

Hell I’D pay 50 bucks to see Joe in a tootoo LMAO:twisted: :mrgreen: :shock:

Can you say youtube

I’m bringing my camera…:slight_smile:
I have never seen Joe dance.!

Lorne Steiner of Porter Valley Software speaking.

THIS I HAVE TO SEE…COUNT ME IN!\:D/ :mwa-hah: \:D/

{I am bringing a large bag of Popcorn for this event!:stuck_out_tongue: }

… and here come the door prizes!

If Joe is going to wear a tutu then I think I’m otherwise busy that day :shock:

Farsetta is performing his modern, interpretive dance in the nude, I believe. There is no extra door charge for his presentation.

Joe in the nude??? Nick, methinks you better bring a lotta money to pay for the years of therapy anyone witnessing this spectacle will need afterwards; not to mention the bill you’ll get from the paramedics rushing everyone to the Queen Street Mental Health Centre to deal with the sudden appearance of serious pyschobabble bull****e.:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

To get in or to get out ;-):roll:

I knew it! You get in free but Nick charges big money to get away from Joe F.

Brilliant !!!

Bill Mullen

That Nick is one sharp guy. :shock:

** Hey Nick!**

** What happened to Mike Crow coming to speak? Is that cancelled?**