Intro... Hi Everyone

Hi All,
I am a new member to InterNACHI forum… Hope I can learn a lot about inspections on Home, Strata and other properties, etc… Interested in receiving updates on Inspections.

Welcome from down under David.

Howdy! Welcome to the group.

David welcome to the board. Take nothing personal and enjoy. Some are harsher than other but its all done in good will. Please don’t get offended and keep contributing. If you need anything just ask, someone will help.

Welcome David, as mentioned previously, just ask, someone will answer.

If you are going to hang out here the first tool you’ll need to get is a bulletproof vest or thick skin…
Welcome to the asylum!!

Welcome Dave.

Just curious, do you go by the name David or Tim?:stuck_out_tongue:

How ya goin’… All the best from Canada


hello ! Lawrenzell on board a newbie in this site … glad to found this … :slight_smile:

Welcome! It is just like George Russell wrote. This place will make you a better inspector if you are prepared to take all the crap that is thrown at you. You will have to grow a thick skin very quickly but you will learn to love this place. I guarantee it.