Are you using Homegauge for inspection reporting to clients. I would like to get some feedback from those who are using it. Pros and con on the product would be helpful. I might plan on leasing it depending on what I decide and feedback I get.

Carl Salvo

I use it. Compared to PV Software, my previous software, it’s A+.

Home Inspector Pro!!!

Not familar with Homeguage. But very happy with Home Inspector Pro. The response is excellent, doesn’t require expensive programing to run. Easy to customize to your needs. Loads pics in seconds.

There are about 25 different options out there, but I would pick from Home Inspector Pro, Best Inspectors.net, and HomeGauge… in that order. All three are excellent though.

I use HomeGauge and love it. It is easy to learn.


I figured Russell for an HG inspection software user. Am I bad!

I use HG and love it. Easy to use, upload pics and distibute reports

I have been using HomeGuage
5 years now?
time flies

Works consistently well…
Have never found the need for Tech Support after purchase…

better than what I have ever used before :slight_smile:
a “Once and Done” Software

No Regrets
Highly Recommend…

Thank you everyone for the helpful 411.

Carl Salvo

Joe Hagarty write:

Remember what New Year’s Day used to be like for you?

No doubt about it Home Inspector Pro is the best. The customer service is second to none.

No question about it.

Those are the top two offline software’s.Now look at the price difference and you have your answer.

So what you are saying is go with Homegauge! Its like shopping for a Home Inspector, You get the cheapest or you get the Best.

Nope it is like Going to a car dealership and finding the same model but with more features for less.:slight_smile: