Invoicing 2 different parties from 1 order

I am interested in learning if anyone has figured out how to invoice 2 separate parties, for separate portions/services from within1 ISN order?

Example: Client orders a general home inspection + pool inspection. I select these 2 services which each have their own fee. Seller has agreed to pay for pool portion. I need my 1 ISN order to invoice my client for the general home inspection & invoice the seller for the additional pool fee.

Whether you have done this successfully or unsuccessful, your experience is appreciated!

I find two things:

  1. It is far less trouble for you to just bill one client and let them work out reimbursement from the third party. Otherwise, just create two inspections.

  2. The support staff at ISN is really good at helping you set things like this up, and will tell you quickly if there is not a suitable solution.

Invoice only the person with whom you have a contract to ensure payment and limit liability.

Yep, just going to stick with that. I’m trying to get too fancy.
Thanks fellas!