IPad Purchase Business and Personal use

After all the years I have decided to go from laptop to IPad. Can anyone help me on what to choose? Screen size so I can brings on roofs etc. Storage/memory? Camera quality? Wi-Fi/Phone? What to spend or expect to spend? And all that stuff! Pro’s con’s…
Thank you in advance!

I can’t help you with the iPAD but it is nice to see you on the forum again.

Welcome back, Randy!..Enjoy! :smiley:

I do my inspection with an Iphone with the “plus” screen. An ipad is too big (for me) to carry into an attic or crawl or on a roof.
I bought the basic Ipad just to Air-drop photos for the summary presentation with the buyer at the end of the inspection and for under $300 its perfect.
If I was using an Ipad to run the Sectora software I’m sure I would get whatever the fastest one is.


Thank you!

I use an iPad Air for all of my inspections. Speed or memory size doesn’t matter as I remove all photographs after inspection. I keep important PDFs and photographs on it to reference during inspections. I have a protector for the iPad that also has a strap. I just wrapped It around my neck when I go on the roof and in crawlspaces. Pretty handy it frees up my hands and is always there to enter information into my inspection software.



I tried using the ipad for inspections. I even bought a ballistic holder with neck strap. It sounded like a good idea! All I did was bang into everything with it. I was opening a window and I almost knocked over a glass decanter when it was swinging around that was on the table below the window. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Forget crawling around with one or climbing roofs.
I went back to the Iphone with the plus screen, as Bert does.


iPad 6th gen, 128GB, model A1893. 9” screen. It stores all I need. You can get it with a cellular connection if you need live internet access. I just use my iPhone hotspot and don’t even think about it.

I picked up the great case. Hand hold. Table stands. 2-point sling convertible to single point. Very very nice protective case with great silicone rubber bumpers that double as good edge grips. Here’s a pic. Sorry, I can’t seem to find the “share” button on this item.


I bought the 7th Gen 10.2 inch. I got a first gen iPencil to go along with it, plus paper-like screen protectors (makes it feel like you’re writing on paper), and a rubber frame with a shoulder strap. I use Notability with it. Total game changer.


I have never used ipad/iPhone, I use android, that being said I tried using a Samsung 10 inch tablet many years ago and found it to big to carry around, I use Samsung S10 currently and it works great, so iPhone or Android is the way to go.


Thank you all! Really good feedback.

I use a combination of Apple products. iPad Pro when I’m doing the inspection. For roofs, crawl spaces and tight spots, I use my iPhone then AirDrop the photos to my iPad then I use iMac to compose the report.

Jay that’s almost exactly what I do as well. I upload my IR images to the iMac and airdrop the images to my iPad for integration into my report. I have a small waterproof camera I use when inspecting in the rain along with a GoPro on a 24’ pole for wet roof inspections.

I echo what Bert said. If I were to do it over, I would have gotten an iPad Mini since its bigger than my iPhone XR but smaller than your regular iPad and fits in the palm fairly well making it easier to carry around. Just couldn’t justify it with it barely being bigger than my XR

That case I linked to has a useful single handed strap that spins 360 degrees, with some detents. I found that it does allow me to hold the thing, in the right orientation, safely. Makes an iPad so much more useful.

Excellent feedback. Top notch members here. Never disappoints! Thank you!

I use an iPad and iPhone. I just bought a new 128 gig iPad from Sams Cub for $400 after I realized my other 32 gig wasn’t going to cut it with the amount of pics I take. I love being able to air drop my photos from my iPhone to iPad to complete the report! I also use the iPad for better visual during my drone inspections of the roof. FAA 107 licensed of coarse. I do 99% of my business from my iPad. Including report writing, QuickBooks, and filing all inspection detail to google cloud.

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