iPAQ 110 Hand held

I just upgraded to Palm Tech version 6. It came preloaded on an HP iPAQ 110. So far nothing but trouble. Anyone else having issues?

I have an IPAQ 211 that I use on all home inspections. No problems.


I agree the 210/211 is a much better device then the smaller cousin 110/111. What specific issues are you having ? Are they hardware or software related ?

Sync problem and screen alignment problems. (hardware) The keyborad will not come up on screen. I have tried to realign several times. Attempting to get thru to someone at HP for two days. Got on live chat and just receive a notice that my “incident” was closed and redirected me to another website that only a tech could navigate.

I have been using the 110 for a couple of years and don’t have any problems. I would be contacting Palm-Tech.

Sounds like a bad device. DOA. I would also recommend talking to PalmTech instead of HP. We also resell hardware prebundled and unfortunately sometimes we need to get involved when there are hardware issues…especially if it arrived that way new.