IPEX Discontinues WarmRite In North America

Inspected a property in the Northern Laurentians.
Hydronic flooring. IPEX WarmRite.
IPEX WarnRite discontinued as of 2008. Take *Note.

Loads of defects. owners says flooring heats. I was very leary.
Here is the image of the zone manifold.
Explain to me what your first observations are.

Um, looks like radiant in floor heating manifold and tubing to me.

Looks like a flight board of beer.

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Looks like some nasty water in the flow meters.

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At first I thought, KITEC.
On hydronic flooring manifolds there is a return manifold with balancing valves and flow meters. At lest on the ones I have inspected. They are sold electro mechanical devices or in this case clear vial which allow the owner or technician to see the condition of the liquid/water in the closed loop system.

Scoot examples how the liquid in beer is filtered for particulate and colorization of ales.

Martin’s post, “Looks like some nasty water in the flow meters” is one indication the system should be further evaluated by a licensed hydronic heating professional.

The clear potable water in the image I posted has discoloration. The source of water is an artesian well. There was no water filtration system prior the water entering the home. Big mistake because filtration removes soluble and insoluble mineral particulate. PH and acidity can be balanced.

What is causing the potable water discoloration in the Flow Meters. A break down of the tubing and fitting material for the water flowing through the loop I suspect.

Sorry members if I am not expressing myself correctly or precisely. I hope someone with more expertise reads the thread.

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It’s important to add rust inhibitor‘s when installing a boiler. I would flush boilers annually and re-introduce new rust inhibitor‘s into the system as well. Many of the components of even a modern boiler would be iron pipe material. This is most likely causing the dark color.

iron pipe material. This is most likely causing the dark color.
Just curious why the flow meters are different colors? If all the water is mixed in the manifold,

It could be that some of the flow meters are just getting used more than others. An example is an actuator for a living room may open more than a bedroom that is unused. I suspect the material deposited on the flow meter glass is a deposit and not the actual color of the water.

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Very rarely, if ever does boiler water look good enough to drink.
The best way to keep things at their best is like Martin said above, flush yearly and install inhibitor.

But who does that?
I recommend at minimum a Ph test.


I concur. PH test and more. Typically usually there is a very elaborate water filtration system downstream to prevent corrosion or dezincification of brass fittings.

I am not used to seeing stained water to that degree. here is the IPEX cabinet

Look at the vial fitting terminations. Leaking, galvanic corrosion, stained lower cabinet.

When you have $15,000 worth of radiant tubing and equipment it’s worth an hour annually to flush and add rust inhibitors. I made it a part of my fall start up.


Got it.
However, especially right now when so many homes are changing ownership and in general…
Unless a homeowner is meticulous about their maintenance, it often doesn’t get done.

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Moot points keeps us in business:-)

Well said, Scott!

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