What Camera App

I just got a Samsung S5. What camera app do you users of the world’s best home inspection software (Home Gauge) use?
I tried ICS + but couldn’t reduce the resolution and found that with Camera MX I can reduce to 640x480.

The native(installed) camera app can go down to 640 x 480.

I also have an S5. The free Google camera app works great with HG Companion. I set it at 3.1

I’m looking at purchasing a Samsung note 2, will I require any camera app to change the resolution on the pics when inserting into the companion

What’s the matter Linas does HG software suck too bad on your inferior iPhone?
I see all the HG users complaining about it here and glad they have moved the forum here so new guys can decide on the higher performance of Home Inspector Pro.

Thanks for the response 6 Hour Bob.

My Iphone is too small for doing onsite reporting.
My Samsung Note 1 (which I have used for about 3 years) died so I upgraded it to a S5 for free.
I use the inferior Sansung to gather info and then I upload the report with a superior Mac machine. You see, I can run virtually any software on my superior Mac machines.

Are you still spending 3 hours on a condo inspection and 3 hours on the report afterwards using your “higher performance” software?
Or does it take you that long to write the report because you have to come to the message board for help to complete your “higher performance software” report?

I’m sure the new guys would like to know why it takes an inspector with 10 years experience 6 hours to do a home inspection. Are you by chance legally disabled?

Lol I understand you take close to 8 hours and are to old for roof climbing.
If this is true it may be time to consider retirement in Florida near all you NACHI inspector friends.
Drones are nice but do you really need to use one for a garage roof? Just asking.

Sorry I upset you Bob.

Not at all.
Sorry your iphone is useless for inspection.
Cr-p is Cr-p

You guys crack me up. But both of you have good points. Linas, I use Camera JB+ and use it because it allows the recommended camera setting of 1.0. You could have gotten a iPhone 6 Plus, plenty of screen space. The bigger problem is HG on iOS.

Bob, I wished we could switch to HIP just for iOS, but need a few more features ironed out. Dom, says they are coming.

Larry you need to take Linas with a grain of salt as nobody knows when is being honest about anything he does.
He also claims to use a SLR camera so it all sounds a little confusing and cluttered.

I have used the HIP mobile and it works fine but prefer not to type or constantly pay attention to a device rather than my surroundings and client.
Do not bother with video in reports either.
Just because something exists does not mean it has got to be used.
All personal preference.

I wish all could think for a minute about their business versus being bias to an operating system of a device. HomeGauge is all C++ which means it has no limitations within the realm of code. That is why we have more features than any other inspection software out there. We came out "in house"with Android 3 years or so ago and it is rock solid. Android has bigger smart phones and thanks to google it offers free voice to text where ios does not. ios is a small phone that is playing catch up to android. You can wait until we fix the crashes which is very few at the moment as most are not experiencing crashes. Look at the number of guys here posting crashes. What 3-4?

HomeGauge hired an outside source the first ever in the line of HG software for the ios and he flopped. And we have suffered from it. We have hired another person and he is making great progress. We are trying to find any remaining crashes and I have guys that are using it without crashes. Some of you that post a crash doesn’t help by saying I hit send and it crashed. It is in beta mode until those that can explain steps help us to find the crashes or until we find them with our loyal beta users.

Larry, please download hip and their companion device and compare it to ours. Then post on here what you think. Otherwise send me some steps as it appears that you say it crashes but give no explanation of steps yet I have many that are using it without crashes.

And Bob from hip…lets do a real challenge as I get tired of your mumbling

Am with you on this for sure Bob. I cannot have my face in my phone with customers near. I need to attend to them. If I am lucky enough to get some place early, I will do all of the outside and pre write whatever I can from photos in the listing sheet. I feel pretty lucky when that can happen. I take 20 mins in the an later and finish and just add photos when I get back. I test drove the video and it is too clunky and time consuming to add this feature each inspection. Like you, I prefer to finish the report in my office and probably always will. But, I crank out the volume each week when it is there. No matter what it is. Even farmers can’t hang around with me when we work.

I can’t wait to hear 3 Hour Condo Bob’s excuses for not being able to do this one.

One of the other features of Camera MX is that it auto saves the picture to its own folder. The stock Samsung app and most others do not.

Line Camera was a good app until the last update to the operating system. Not only does it also save the pictures into a separate folder, but, has the option of just touching the screen anywhere to take a picture.

For my software, I touch a picture box then take the picture and it is auto inserted in that spot. It is also auto reduced, but the original picture stays the original size.

Do not have time for play this time of year and you already know that which is why you waited till spring to pretend you are not nervous about losing.

My original offer still stands however and HIP beats HG for picture taking slotting and upload to desktop generation …no question.

Photos are the most important aspect for visual representation,liability,and recall to write a complete detailed report.If I am wrong about that then screw all report software and do a paper checklist then photo copy to a PDF with no need for vendors.

A photo test makes all environments equal where as a comments test would be all over the board unless two guys are using the exact same comments on each issue.

Now read then reread the above.

He chickened out again.
More hot air from 3 Hour Condo Inspection Bob.

I made you the exact same offer back in October Chicken----s—t.

Here chick, chick, chick.
3 Hour Condo Inspection Chickenman Bob.

Let’s do it on a roof Mr short ladder.