IR Case For Belt

IR Case For Belt. Buy at wallmart and cut hole at bottom for IR camera handle.
Holds my regular camera as well. I can zip the lid and carry everywhere.

I guess you never know when you’ll need it in an emergency. Good to have it right at hand. :smiley:

It keeps my IR camera at my side at all time so I can see it.
Keeps the dirt and rain off of it, until I need it.

Sometimes I wear it to bed with my Spiderman pajamas. :slight_smile:

I have always, kinda, suspected that of you, John. :mrgreen:

Not that there is anything wrong with that :wink:

Personally, I prefer Ironman pajamas. Goes better with the SD color scheme :mrgreen:

Hope this helps;

I carry mine in this pouch made by Husky. It’s actually made to carry a cordless drill, but the BCAM fits nicely. . .


Good thinking John & Jeff…


How did you guys convince your wives to spend that much money on a IR camera? I’m trying to convince her that the payback will be indirect by the camera helping discover problem(s) that might have been missed (avoiding lawsuit).

If you add just $50 to your inspection fee… the camera will pay for itself in
more or less 100 inspections. How can you afford not to buy one.? You
can charge more than $50, but this is just an example.

Tell your wife that you wear the pants in the family and then see if she hits you…:mrgreen:

I like what John said above :slight_smile: Here is another way to look at it:

You can lease (to own) a BCAM SD (very nice camera for HI’s) for 99.00 a month (first year). If you only do 10 inspections a month, than that is 10.00 an inspection. You can spend more than 10 bucks on lunch in one day!

The camera will end up making you more money if marketed properly. I make close to 2,000 a month in additional revenue just for IR services alone.

Good Luck :slight_smile:


I just sing “the man song” to my wife :mrgreen:

Works every time. :wink:

Go figure.

Very funny :slight_smile:


I actually like my Flir camera holster.

I got mine FREE (with the automobile battery charger) with my B-2 camera purchase.

My wife said I am not allowed to watch youtube, but I’m still the man…:slight_smile:

I do wear the pants in the family, she just tells me what pair of pants to put on.:slight_smile:

This is what worked for me: I got her liquored up one night and told her I was gonna go IR and it was only gonna cost $3000. She thought that was too much!!! Sometimes you just have to stretch the truth a little. Or just lie your a$$ off.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the same setup I use Jeff P.

I inquired with FLIR about a holster for the BCAM SD model and I was told one didn’t exist.

I like this version even better.:shock:

I’m with Kevin Richardson on making it work for you…about 1/3 paid for here.

I was my bride’s idea to buy the backhoe and motorcycle…the IR camera was the same.

I’ve gotta come up with some of my own ideas…

How much life insurance do you have me thinks she is trying to work you to death and collect;-)

Wow - Jeff that tool belt looks heavy. I carry a flashlight and GFCI tester with me while walking and my camera.

Anything else stays in my bag at the kitchen countertop, till I’m ready to go to the basement.

When I do commercial buildings, I use a tool bag on the roof so I don’t have to rappel off roofs and go back to my van for tools, but once I get off the roof, it goes back in the van. This morning I did a little 9,500 sf 85 year old 2-story bldg with retail, office, and loading dock on the 1st floor and 5 apartment units upstairs. To mount the roof, I had to use a 21’ extension from the outside stair landing to get onto the roof of the truck dock; then I used my 17’ little giant from that roof to the roof over the 1st two apartments, then used my 12’ Tele-Steps to get on the upper roof over the loft apartments. Yes, I wore a tool belt that sees use maybe once a month in situations like this.

BUT, most times its too bulky and makes me look like an inspector instead of a Building Consultant.

I didn’t get done till almost noon, and boy was I ready to drop that bag. Makes my shoulders sore.