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Any opinions on the training online vs in person. The InterNACHI course is free online and CRT has moved to online as well with an instructor.

Weighing our options with the market tightening up and cost to train multiple employees.

Distance learning is a great tool. I would avoid classroom or person to person unless remote.
I completed CRT with John Mckenna, hope I spelled his name correctly, God rest his soul, many years ago. Good course. 16 hours online. Learn the basics. I see no problem. Yes there are other courses. Infraspection Institute. InterNACHI members get a discount for Building Inspector course. Hopefully Jim Seffrin Master Thermographer will pop into this thread and explain more.
Best of luck with all your endeavors, Stephen.

I think classroom is superior, if you can budget the additional cost for travel, room and board and the block time commitment (current virus issue not withstanding). If you want to get someone trained in the next several months, then distance learning is really the only viable option. I did classroom training with ITC and Infraspection Institute. Both were very good but I found Infraspection to be the superior learning experience. Infraspection has a pretty mature distance learning program that they’ve had in place for a number of years now.

Hi, Stephen. I’m biased to the free, online training resources provides. So, is very good. “Infrared Certified®” is also very clear for potential clients to understand. The “Level” training is not necessary.

And I think that interpreting infrared images is simpler than what the expensive training providers claim (for obvious reasons). You may want to check out this video I did about using infrared during a home inspection: I try to make it as simple as possible in the video.

tips on using infrared during a home inspection internachi ben gromicko


It is if you want to make $20,000.00 in 3 to 5 days, or so. At a minimum you’d need Level II. But, that’s not a home inspection either.

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IMO: Carries about the same weight as saying “I’m breathing”.

I have posted this in detail elsewhere… I have learned more during lunch break and made more thermographer contacts than what was taught in the course. I can not believe the mindset that you don’t have the time to take off for training! If you don’t have the funds and time to take off to be educated you should not even consider Thermal Imaging as an option. Your supposed to be a business owner, not a hobbyist.
This is not “How to take a digital picture”. You must learn physics, thermodynamics and thermography as they apply to thermally inspecting a structure, not just how to turn the camera on.


Man, isn’t that the truth, David.

Yes it is. In fact I met you there! :wink:


I don’t know anything about this, but I’d say live IRTraining is the next best thing from being there.

John Keane via Apr 23, 2020, 9:04 AM (23 hours ago)

to me

Hi David

ITC certification is now more accessible than ever before. Level I Thermography, our most popular course, can now be completed entirely online. The same world-class instruction, industry recognized accreditations, and gold standard certification available from your home or office.

This is hardly your average online training experience. Interact live with your instructor, participate in demonstrations, and connect with other students all while eliminating time and travel expenses.

Learn more about Online Level I Thermography Certification here:

Be one of the first 75 students to sign up for an online session and take $300 off your tuition with promo code EBDITC15% Need a camera too? Ask about our E6-XT Total Package which gets you the camera, software, and training all for one special price. The ultimate training experience!

Simply reply to this email, call 866-872-4647, or email info@infraredtraining to reserve your seat today!

See you in class,

John F. Keane
Global Director

Infrared Training Center
9 Townsend West, Nashua, NH 03063 USA
Phone: +1 866-872-4647

Hi, David. What do you think of me inviting John Keane to do a free, live InterNACHI Webinar? Would you be interested in attending?

As you know, we love free, online training such as InterNACHI Infrared Certified.


You can ask, but the above should cover it for those that own cameras and are seeking formal training, and intend to progress to higher levels of thermography.

I get calls about my opinion on training, which is to go to on site training when you can. You gain contacts and information not provided in a YouTube video. This course allows interaction with the instructors and others, which I consider to be very helpful.

I would be interested in attending. I try to keep up with what’s current whenever possible.

I was on the hunt for thermographers to help with a large project across the southeast consisting of 800(+) Thermal inspections. Few applicants had much in the way of training which required a lot more work for me. I’d have to review all inspections and sign off on reports before sending to corporate. Covid shut everything down for who know how long. This is a good time to get trained while business is slow. Next US Class is beginning of May.

The current status of HI’s with TI & Training seems to be dwindling compared to days of John McKenna & Will Decker where training along with camera ownership was the norm. Cheap cameras seemed to lend itself to cheap inadequate training in the science of Thermography. Competent Thermographers of that era are retired/retiring. Time for new guys to carry the torch.

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Bringing this back to the top. I just finished Infraspection Level 1 online, the final exam was proctored. Taking the course makes me want to learn more, and has given me new to me ideas of how I would like to expand my inspection business. I’m getting started on Level 2, and plan on Level 3.

If I had the option of in-person, I’d probably lean that way, but it’s simply not an option.

Shout out to Jim Seffrin. Generous with his time and advice.


Yes he is! He is an excellent resource even when your course is done…

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Jim Seffrin is the best.

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thanks for the recommendation, I’d love to do that.

Ugh, $1800 for just the first level.

Hey, @lkage, tell me again how one makes $20k in 5 days with an IR camera?

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Michael, I think David Andersen said it well: :+1:

Well I’m asking what sort of work/client pays so much for thermography?

Michael if you believe you can make $20,000 in five days doing thermography I have some oceanfront property in Phoenix to sell you. That would come out to over $1 million a year. Not buying it!