IRC resourses

I’m currently in the middle of getting my certification. Looking for the IRC knowledge must haves; links, books, other references? And is there a resource/app out there that actively flags diffs in local and state codes to IRC and other building code benchmarks?

What “certification” are you working on? Where are you located? Fill in your profile as others may have specific information for that.

I’m currently taking Axuim’s online courses, working towards becoming a Certified Home Inspector. I have noticed that I’m already labeled as a CPI and that’s news too me. I took the test sometime ago to find out where I was at and scored well enough to pass the exam, yet scored low on 2 of the topics, hence the online courses. Have completed the Code of Ethics and SOP courses. Yet haven’t simulated 4 mock inspections or signed an affidavit. Go figure…I’ll be checking in on that.

My call for knowledge of the IRC is somewhat due to I residing in California where there are no license requirements yet it’s still California, with some pun intended, but mainly for my lapse from the construction field of some 30 years. Software Developer here who is sick of sitting, thinking and more sitting.

So All you did was pass the On-line Inspector Exam and the COE and SOP courses and you instantly became a Certified Professional Inspector…:frowning:

As far as taking courses to actually learn something and help you become a “bona fide” professional inspector have you take any of the Dozens of InterNachi Courses that are available?

International Residential Code

Is that what you mean with IRC?

I’ve completed 1, 2, 5, 8, 9 on that list. And 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12 are part of the Axuim courses and next in that order. Followed by the 4 mock inspections and final exam. Actually, I have done 3 mock inspections already, and seriously, the courses are beneficial.

Greg, yes, the International Residential Code and any other body writing systematic collection of laws or regulations out there.

You can view the ICC publications for free here Home | ICC publicACCESS . However I do recommend purchasing a set as they are extremely easier to use that way. Also at the end of each ICC Code set is a section called “Referenced Standards”. That is the next place you should go to for the standards you are looking for. That will also save others here a long list making session.

You can also view the NEC for free at the WEB site but this as well is best purchased as it will be much easier to navigate.

Thanks Emmanuel…what would you recommend on the ICC site? The NEC site is straight forward and well done…and the All-new NEC Reference Cards are a must. The ICC site on the other hand is poorly done IMHO!

Excuse my ranting for a moment but…enter publicACCESS for California. Select Residential Code Pt 2.5, since that is only selection available that would have information I’m looking for, out of a total of 16. Selected the Electrical chapter and was confronted with Note: Part VIII is not adopted. See California Electrical Code, Title 24, Part 3. The issue with that is California Electrical Code, Title 24, Part 3 is not selectable in publicACCESS. The same for Plumbing! I’m in the premiumACCESS demo version…select advance search…first entry asks for Please Select the Collection, California and another 28 states are not in the list? Not being in the list is confusing at best.

What is the secret to navigating the site.

…I’m I seeing this right…2016 California Title 24 - Complete Collection @1076.00 and the title 24 12 supplemental parts for another cool 1300 or so, can that be right…?

The secret is to stay away from it and purchase a code set. You are correct the site sux!!

What I would recommend is to join as an ICC member. One of the perks is a complete I-Code set which is WAY MORE than the cost of membership. The new distribution method is now also much better than before. Instead of requiring some DA proprietary viewer they now give you the set in PDF form with your name on the bottom of every page of every doc. That’s how they prevent you from distributing it to others.

As for the study guide or other products ICC has I’m not impressed with them at all. The best thing is just to actually read the codes front to back to get familiar with them and where things are located in them. If you don’t understand how they arrange the code books (each book) it can be very hard to find what you want.