Is palm tech anygood?

does anyone use palm-tech inspection software? Is it any good or worth the money they want for it? I’m looking at software to use with my phone and most of them want you to buy the software then charge a monthly fee to use it. if I pay that much for it I’m not going to pay a monthly fee. Is palm tech good? what software is worth the money that does not charge a monthly fee to use it.


   Yes, Palm Tech is a very good software and it's been around for a while. You should consider the future and what the software will do for your business. Palm Tech is limited in what it can do for you. I will say that it's super easy to use. There are a lot of good software programs out there, but HomeGuage is the very best Hands Down. My advice would be to try demo versions of every software out there and choose the 1 that best suits you and your business. I have used every software out there and I have even helped build a couple in Beta mode. For me personally I have nothing bad to say about any software except most would be limited to Residential and to be honest, the finished reports look a little kid like. I had wanted HomeGuage, ever since it came out (around the same time as Palm Tech). I wish that I would've jumped on it back then, but I was a cheap skate and still didn't trust technology.  

Whatever choice that you make, stick with it and master that baby (inside and out). Wishing you the best man.

Check this out, it talks about Palm-Tech: Home Inspection Software Review - 5 Best Software for Home Inspectors

these programs are expensive, a lot of money to spend for something you don’t like. I will take a look at homeguage, thanks for the info.

With one inspection it is paid for.
Don’t skimp on quality reporting software . I prefer HIP.
Try the trials for HIP and HG and them decide.

Check out ReportHost as well. Super inexpensive and as a Distinguished inspector once said, “very snazzy” :smiley:

I really don’t like the pay per report software.

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I do like It, Dagnabbit… :smiley:

Request a Free Demo of Palm-Tech

That is because you are a cheapskate inspector…Right?
Too cheap to buy full blown report software…Huh?

Nope I WON HIP free one year and still like it much better :slight_smile:

It is real easy to use and you always have the latest and greatest version. I do not however do a ton of regular Home Written Home Inspections though so maybe it is just me but you can sure get a ton of them done for the cost of buying one program that they charge you to update.

Plus R.H. called them Snazzy Looking :smiley: Anyone remember that tool / Manatee abuser.

thanks for all the info, I have the palm tech demo, just downloaded HIP, now I need to check them out before spending 800 to 1000 bucks, that’s a lot of money to waste on one that doesn’t work for me. I am a greenhorn I just want to make as close as a good decision as I can before coughing up that much cash. Probable going to go with HIP, reviews say it’s good for a one man business.

My experience with Palm Tech made me jump to HIP. What a difference. Support until midnight instead of 5pm EST was enough to make me happy but the finished product looks way better too. So many pluses to HIP compared to the competition. You own it, not lease it. The biggest in the industry with a long history. Not a cloud based system. Not owned by a data collecting corporation. The list gets bigger. It’s not just about the software anymore.

Started with HIP, no desire to switch