Is PVS really worth the wait any longer?

Just wanted to open a discussion about the continued delays of the release of the new version of Porter Valley Software. Is anyone else wondering if we are getting strung along? I’m curious if anyone has any inside information or insight as to what is going on. Lorne has stated that there is an issue with Vista, preventing the release. My question is, if the new version is completed, why not at least release it to us XP users, so we can benefit from the new version that as Lorne has stated many many times “will be worth the wait”. I personally am tired of waiting & I think it is time we InspectVue users strongly voice our frustration and dissatisfaction with Porter Valley in high numbers. I know of at least one other PVS user who has jumped ship and changed to HomeGauge and I am close myself. Does anyone have any thoughts on this ?

Personally I think the current version of InspectVue is far better then HomeGuage and i own both. The new version is better then the existing one. I think you will be pleased when it comes out.

How many threads do you intend to generate on this subject?

Just trying to reach the masses Jeff. No more threads from me on this subject. I promise.

If you really wanted a response just go to the InspectVue forum Lorne will respond or just call him

Thanks for the reply Henry- I’m curious, why do you think that it’s better than HomeGauge? Is it faster to generate a report for you using InspectVue than HomeGauge? And, how do you know what the new version is like and are you using it currently? Thanks in advance for your time.

It should be fairly obvious that I am not looking for a response from Lorne. I want to know what the Porter Valley Users have to say. I have already been down that road with Lorne and I have indeed inquired several times personally about the delays. I’m not dissing InspectVue Residential. It has its pros and cons like any software. I am simply frusterated with all the empty promises for the new version. I spend anywhere from 2-3 hours creating my detailed and customized inspection reports and I have been waiting for months for the new version, in hopes that I will be able to reduce my report writing time. If I can’t and the new version doesn’t speed up the process, then I will be making a change.

No im not currently using it at this time but i have seen it and its functionality Yes i think its faster and it intra gates into other programs. i used homeguage 2 times. i looked at the reports and tossed them out and redid them in inspectvue. other people may disagree but thats my opinion.

I use neither, but respect both.
If the question is when will it be available, ask Lorne, plain & simple.

I’ve developed my own, over the years, and clients and agents both are happy with it!

I have both and just find HG to be more user friendly (I’m not a computer whiz). Also, I can’t imagine the tech support being any better than what HG provides.

If you looked in the dictionary under customer service and support it would say HOMEGAUGE
Russel and crew rock, can’t wait for ver 4.0

Nobody and I mean nobody likes to feel as though they are being “strung along”. I use InspectVue and have for years. Is there something faster, I’m sure there is including a carbon paper checklists. An open discussion about release without Lorne, what do you hope to gain? Venting frustration won’t make a decision, no one on any forum can make your up your mind for you. You’re in your own business, decide what your going to do for you then do it.
Let’s say one would spend the money for another software, not pay the PV yearly, put time into learning and customizing the new software. How much time of that 2-3 hour report time will you really save? Would you get it down to say half that? I don’t think a software could really save that kind of time, and if it really does then go buy it today! Put Inspectvue behind you and move on. Now release 5 comes along and you look at the demo and it’s everything you hoped it would be so you get caught up on the maintenance fee and learn rev 5 and have spent a ton of resource only to find that you’re volume of business hasn’t increase so you gained nothing. If you’re doing two a days now you could do three,if you’re not doing two a days you would have more time work on your business to get a two a day schedule. Do you think you could reduce report time by sticking to the SOP or only providing pictures of those items needing repair or adding narratives that make reporting easier? No software will make you successful or make you a failure… do what is best for your business.

I just don’t see how this is possible. Are you entering information on site, or using a checklist and entering info later?

I’ve used HG. The speed and versatility of HG vs PV are comparable. So if you’re spending that much time creating reports with PV, there won’t be much difference with HG. You might want to take another look at your reporting “method,” rather than your reporting “software.”

My reports are complete and emailed, generally within 15 minutes of the completion of the inspection.

Good points John, thanks for taking the time to give me your input.

Thanks Jeff for the reply. I appreciate your input regarding the two software companies and your past experience regarding time needed using both. I currently data collect using a very detailed set of field notes then input into the computer back in the office. I know it is not time efficient, but due to circumstances, it is the way I have to do it at this time in order to not be onsite for more than 4 hours. Just a little background info for you, I had customized my software/library to the point where I was nearly able to do the inputing on site when the hard drive on my laptop crashed and I lost everything. When I tried to use my back up disk of my library, it was not formatted properly and was unusable. Basically I lost my entire library and software set up I spent countless hours editing and creating. Yes, I was one of those worst case scenarious Lorne always preaches about regarding backing up. I learned a tough lesson and now back up to a separate hard drive. Anyway, I guess I am not looking forward to the daunting task and hundreds of hours necessary to get me back to where I was in order to be able to input onsite. I guess one of my biggest issues with Porter Valley is their library. Keith has provided some great narratives, but the library, IMO, lacks a lot of common industry standard comments. I understand that he is out of CA and doesn’t do WDI/O inspections or comment on conducive conditions, but many of us do and need those comments. Also, CA has a lot of slab construction, where in Oregon, most of ours is raised foundations & basements. The other thing that I would need to spend countless hours doing is re positioning all my comment for the ones that are used most frequently to reduce scrolling time through all the comments. I know I would have to do this if I changed Software companies, but it just seems like there would be more time efficient methods like drop down boxes or something similar to HG’s build a sentence. Lorne has stated that the new version will enable us to improve efficiency and that is what I have been waiting for. Perhaps you are right Jeff, when you say I should be looking at my reporting procedures rather than software, and I thank you for that input. I’m curious as to how much you have customized your PVS and how much time you spent getting it to the point where you could complete and report and email it 15 minutes after completing your inspection. That is where I want to be in the future. I would love to discuss this further with you at some point if you are willing. Thanks again for your time any any advice or input you can provide.

I believe your use of the name HomeGauge is incorrect… it’s “NACHIgauge” at :cool:

I believe your user of the name Porter Valley is also incorrect… it’s “NACHIreports” at :cool:

Both are very good.

It’s still a “work in progress” as I am continually adding new narratives, but for the most part, it took about two months of inspecting before I reached “optimum efficiency” with PV reporting.

The key for me was to make changes on-site, as they were needed. Once every couple weeks or so, I’ll enter the InspectVue Editor and remove any mistakes or duplicates I may have inadvertently entered. That helps keep the software clean and easy to navigate.

The part I hate about customizing the narratives is that you have to do so in so many different places.

For example: say you want a narrative that says “The outlet has no power.” You have to add that to every bedroom, every bathroom, all the living areas, the kitchen, garage, utilty room… A simple program edit can take 30 minutes to keep everything consistent. (I doubt the new version will address that since I understand it will work on our existing library.)

I agree Joe. You would think there would be a way to make the change of one comment applicable in all sections. What a time saver that would be.

It took me longer than that just to get to a point where I could be somewhat efficient and I guess that is my delima now and why I have become so frusturated with PVS’s continued delay of releasing Version 5. Version 5 supposedly will make editing and general navigation of the software faster and more efficient. BTW, I emailed Lorne yesterday asking for a reasonable explanation as to why Version 5 could not be released to XP users. His response was that Version 5 is not ready for release to XP users or Vista users at this time as they are still making modifications. No timeline for release was given, but he said they continue to update “Classic” and will be releasing an update this week that will include some drop down features. This maybe a step in the right direction.