Porter Valley? Have you gotten a response lately?

The report is now 3 days late and no response from PV support. Has anyone gotten tech support from them within the last few days?

Stupid question but how have you tried to contact them? Both phone and e-mail? I’m curious as well. Lorne has always given timely support so I hope nothing has changed within company structure (since buyout). Please keep us die hard InspectVue users updated.

I left multiple phone and e-mail messages. Lorne has been very good in the past about support.
The software keeps telling me that adobe is open when it’s not, so I can’t print the report or create the PDF to e-mail.

I only have one report overdue because inspection isn’t really what I do any more. If I were doing two or three a day… I’d be out of luck.

Much of this and PV will be out of business.

Have you tried opening the Task Manager to see what Applications & Processes are running? You might be able to stop Adobe if it’s hung up in a loop in the b/g for some reason.

Yes, I looked in Task Manager. I looked everywhere to see if Adobe really was running, then I took the laptop to a repair shop and had them check, it’s not running. I uninstalled Adobe Reader and re-installed it. I also updated InspectVue. Re-booted after everything I did. Nothing works.

Biggest reason I do not use a third party to make sure my reports get delivered. Have enough to deal with at times with my ISP going off line for hours at a time before the knucklehead wakes and has the repairmen go out and repair the cable. I know it is really spiffy for the clients and agents but I still manage to deliver our reports via email usually within 24-48 hours. I just never got a warm fuzzy having someone else inside that loop of responsibility. I realize your mileage may differ and each of us have different situations. We have this come up often where people can’t get their reports delivered or accessible and no one at home at the service provider.

Try downloading the new Adobe Reader 9, reboot and then try it again. Both of my computers did the same thing and this fix them.

You guys should be using Home Inspector Pro,rather than primitive software.
Dominic would have answered your call.

Give me a break. Just because your using HIP makes my software primitive? I don’t think so! Trust me, Dominic doesn’t need you to be his salesman. His software speaks for it self. Top notch. Time to take a break from the HIP Kool Aid. :wink:
(p.s. I use HIP for my IR reports)

Nope, didn’t do it for me.

The message is not out enough , if people are using software with no support, that does not function properly.

That can lose you a business!

And how does this help me get this report out?

Kenton I will be glad to help.

Download and use this…


Bob, Use HG and you don’t have to make the call in the first place:p

I downloaded it, thanks Robert, however I still get the same massage.

I guess my question would be can you print the report?

If so you can turn it into PDF with that download.
Act like you are going to print and when the printer shows up at top in the list you can change it to PDF redirect.

There is a dropdown next to properties.
click and find redirect. Then print.

Open task manager, end the adobe application/process/service and try again.

another option would be to reinstall.

Can’t get to a page where I have the print options like when you print a Word doc. The software creates a PDF and there are no options.

Adobe is definitely not running. If I uninstall to re-install, I’ll lose the entire report.

Starting to cut and paste it all into a Word document…