Safety glass needed?

Do you have comments about these window regarding safety glass?

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The bottom sashes should be tempered.

Why do you say that?

Tempered/Safety glass not required (but perhaps recommended), assuming those are real individual panes (lights) and not a large one >9 sf with fake muntins.

Safety Glass.PDF (188 KB)

code update

regardless, if enhanced safety is a concern to you and client, note it and move on, they can pay to have it changed


If that is one pane of glass, imagine a child falling into it. If not tempered, big shards of glass could cut and possible kill a small child. Safety is my first concern, not whether it is required or not.

I concur.

This installation would be in my report as a safety issue.

How I saw it. Thanks all.

Not required, and not even recommended. I don’t see this as a “safety” concern.

Good Luck when the kids are playing and one decides to push the other towards that window.

I always recommend safety rails in these situations. If my client refuses to install them and someone falls through…look at my HI report.

That would certainly be unfortunate, but not a call that I will be concerned about.

If houses were built to be “child-proof,” there would never be another set of stairs and kitchens would be a thing of the past, there would be no bathtubs, toilets or sink stoppers, and windows would be made of unbreakable plexi-glass. Parents have the responsibility to safeguard their children.

Does the porch pass by the window’s? on the outside


David, since there is no written standard, what standard do you use when deciding when a window is unsafe? If that window lower sash were 1’ off the floor, would there still be a hazard? What about 1.5 feet? 2 feet? 3feet? Where is the safety concern cutoff that you use?

Any window installed under 36" gets my safety recommendation. And I don’t use a tape measure.

I don’t do standards.

Solid wall l from walking surface to 34-36 above safety glass 16 cfr 1201 class11


I don’t know what you mean by this group of words, letters and numbers.

So 36.1" is OK. :smiley:

I understand the “I don’t do standards” argument. But essentially you are setting your own.

No. I’m not setting my own standards. I’m simply recommending a safety rail in all areas of homes where children are susceptible to injury.

When I do recommend such an installation, most of my clients reply with, “Wow, great idea… thanks”. I may have saved an injury.

I have two healthy children today and they are bruise-free because of me and my standards.

I’m not demanding a safety rail installation. I’m helping everyone become safer while they are living in their new homes.

It’s only common sense…