Is there a better way to invoice clients?

I was asked to do some research on behalf of a company that has streamlined the file exchange for payment process. From what i understand many home Inspectors collect the payment upfront either by venmo or check or they invoice clients that they have a relationship with, and give them terms.

Rudder was created for freelancers to exchange digital files for payment without the headaches of chasing payments. Post a file with an amount, email address and little note and rudder only release the file when payment is made.

I am looking to see if home inspectors could benefit from the same functionality when delivering their reports to clients? is this something that would make your lives easier? please visit our website and give me any feedback you deem useful. Rudder Home inspectors website

If you would like to try it out, you can sign up for free and your first 10 reports are free for InterNACHI members.

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Marco Ireland

Other than collecting Cash/Check while onsite, I use PayPal exclusively for all Invoicing and electronic payments. Even though Venmo is a subsidiary of PayPal, it is in no way considered (IMO) a “Professional” business tool by serious business owners!

I do the same as Jeffrey. I also add a 3% credit card fee to cover the cost. I remember the old days when nobody would use their credit cards for anything but food and gas until the deal closed :man_white_haired:

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I use Quickbooks. It’s a little more work but it really helps me keep track of invoices, payments and customer data. I have been using it’s feature for payments as well. I just find it easier for the bookkeeping side of things. My accountant has access so it flows well for me.

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Welcome to our forum, Marco!..Enjoy! :smile:

are there any features you feel are missing in the current way you process payments? what would make you change your process?

Nothing. I’ve been with PayPal since about 2000. No reason whatsoever to change.
Another huge benefit (for me at least) is they accept most any worldwide currency, and since I work with clients moving or investing here from other countries, (Residential, Commercial, Industrial), it is a huge advantage over my (Non-) Competition!
Some people like to futz around to save a few pennies or seconds, but usually wind up spending dollars or minutes longer!! Perhaps someday they will decide to act as a professional business.

I have been using square and found it easier than paypal ,same fees as most. Either one is good tool

You can only use Square in the country that your account is established. If a US company wants to deal with Canadian or Mexican clients (example), they must have a Square account for those countries… SEPARATELY from their US account!! I can use my one PayPal anywhere WORLDWIDE!

ISN (back end scheduling, CRM, business metrics, for inspectors), and several Inspection softwares do not release the report until it is paid for.

Once any of those are setup with your payment processor it puts the customer into the payment screen before they can access their inspection report.

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Sorry i mentioned it won’t happen again

No need to be sorry, I just clarified why Square is not the best option (for everyone) as many here make it out to be.

OH I 'm not. I throwed out another option and you pissed in my face don’t worry no more comments from

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Thanks for the comparison Martin! I use Square and the fees IMO, are just a cost of doing business.


thank you for your feedback.


I use Square and have had no trouble accepting credit card payment from US customers, or any other customers as of yet. We get a lot moving here from the US and/or other countries.

Your understanding is quite wrong, and in fact, not even close.

then how does it typically work? or how do you do it?