Is there a code issue with supporting PVC pipe with metal plumber's strap?

I understand that in some jurisdictions, PVC and ABS has to be supported with plastic strap or J hooks… no metal. They make smooth metal strap these days that doesn’t cut into plastic pipe, so I don’t see a problem with it, but Michael Casey’s Code Check book says otherwise.

It is approved by the 2006 IRC and IPC, but not included in Table 3-2 of the UPC.

UPC and IpC vary on several things. This looks like one of them.


The pipes should not be supported by plumbers tape or wire because it doesn’t resist uplift. At least that’s what is said around here.

It was a code problem in California.The city inspectors insisted on plastic straps on abs pipe. In the real world plastic straps are unreliable and I have seen many cascading failures where one strap broke and as water collected in the resulting low spot all the rest of the straps broke. But plumbers tape is used every where in Washington State.

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Seldom see it done proper BUT pipes supposed to be supported Like for Like

Heck… I’m just happy if they’re supported with anything stronger than “speaker wire”! :shock::wink:

Very honestly I see twine a lot … Gentler on the pipe.

I would expect no less in a “Green” home… (organic material). :wink: