Plumbers Tape

New construction,… ABS Waste lines are supported by metal plumbers tape. I know they are no longer recommended (IRC & UPC) but do I make a huge issue over it??

I support my waist line with a normal leather belt :slight_smile:

As for the waste lines, well …

HA HA! Good catch! Its still early out West! :roll:

Yes, improperly installed waste line(s).

How about this one. Most homeowner fixes always seem to amaze me. This homeowner literally used a blow torch to bend this waste line, then supported it with a good ole’ extension cord. Not only that…Waste water runs uphill.

“Click to Enlarge”

Come on now,… I see nothing wrong with that! :shock: :mrgreen:

Isn’t that called a “U” for Uphill trap???:smiley:

If you are refering to plumbers strap then it is ok where I plumbed under UPC. I liked to use PVC J hooks because they worked and looked better.