Is this ad slander against InterNACHI and it's members?

"If you can’t find an inspector at one of the following sites, he/she is not qualified to inspect your house: "

I like the part where they say they until the end of the month they will match anyone’s price, quality and services. So, in September, they raises prices again, and their quality and services go back to…?

Looks like a meager attempt
to compare themselves
with the NACHI organization…

No Worries

If the best that a Company can Offer
is Association Membership as a Qualifier…

They have identified themselves with mediocrity.

Educated Buyers contract an Inspector based upon the Experience of the Inspector…

Price Shoppers settle for the mediocrity
of ASHI, OAHI, etc…

never equates
to Quality

Sounds like slander to me. All I have to say is they did not say how many inspectors they have and how many of them were qualified to inspect with all the training and certifications to go with. 15,000 inspections since 1993 ? WOW that’s only 823 and1/2 inspections a year. You really think they do that many. Sounds like a drive by company to me. But that’s my opinion.

They are probably heavily invested in the exclusionary ‘OAHU’ system and are trying to use the market cache that the ‘OAHU’ no longer has. Never understood a system that said basically, “Join us. Pay us. But you are not qualified to inspect and don’t use our logo!”


[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]Until August 31, 2010, we will match any competitor’s price, quality and services. [/size][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][size=2]If you can’t find an inspector at one of the following sites, he/she is not qualified to inspect your house:[/size][/FONT]

Very interesting .

Sounds like Bill Mullen is getting desperate .
And is very nervous about the competition
Bill is not a paid up member of OAHI

Bill Mullen
Bluewater Home Inspection
Business: 519-383-1083
Fax: 519-383-0526
Registration :Registered Home Inspector
Expires :7/1/2010

Bill has said for the last three or more years he was done with OAHI and would not renew .
Well he has renewed every year last year he had to pay extra because he was late .
Do not be surprised if he does not do the same again this year.

**He was an NACHI member and is a CMI **

Bill Mullen thinks he is right and the rest are wrong .
His statement is Absolutely false.
Since when does any provincial body recognize Oahi, CAHPI? Unqualified?
If an inspector is an P. Eng is he still unqualified?

I’ve alway felt that IF a home inspectors claim to fame and ONLY credential is membership in somebodys club, they’re probably fish food.

Thanks Dan love your explanation , Big Time … Thanks … Roy

I don’t understand why inspectors would waste their money joining no-membership-benefit, no-approved-education, no-inspection-business-success-tools “clubs” anyway.

When I see a member of one of these do-nothing “clubs,” the first thing that comes to my mind is … “what an idiot.”