Is this asbestos?

I haven’t come across a lot of asbestos so it can be difficult for me to identify. I’ve read about the insulation and paper wrap. Could this be the paper wrap. House was built in '61.




Only a test could absolutely determine the answer to your questions. It is a possible ACM to be sure.

I agree. ONLY a lab test could verify for sure.


That is correct, but only the mud joints in the picture above might possibly be asbestos content, the rest is fiberglass. :slight_smile:

I agree.

still to be safe …don’t lick it…

Can you get asbestosis of the tongue ? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: if you lick it ?

Well, all the fibers might knob up your pallet and you might have to call these guys to help you out.;)

hahaha my thoughts exactly…!

lmao. Now I know where Knob Lick, Kentucky is !

This guy from Ohio seems to have a lot of experience on licking stuff.
He keeps asking if we lick these items. ;):mrgreen::twisted:

wrap it in plastic, duct tape it and forget about it. no more worries.

Soooo…hold up…we’re NOT supposed to lick it?..oh crap!!!

No, I believe it to be fiberglass as was mentioned earlier. And NO you can’t lick it haha. Either way be careful if you decide to remove it yourself, as it can be very, very itchy if it comes in contact with your skin.

The corrugated TSI is almost always hot. Much like 9 inch tiles are almost always hot.

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