Is this for the doorbell?

How many code violations can you spot?

Possibly, but it shouldn’t be inside the panel regardless of what it’s for.

I hope you had a type-o. I asked the question with sarcasm. Most doorebel transformer around here are under the home or in a coat closet.

You mean outside right?:smiley:

No, Bruce, he means shouldn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

The transformer should be mounted on the outside of the panel or it isn’t grounded.

Picture 4 (of the main lugs is fuzzy) what is your question there?

Yep. Sorry for the typo. . .

725.55 of the NEC normally addressed this situation but the 2008 NEC made significant changes in numbering. Anyone know where it is now?

Picture 4 has a broken plastic isolation ears and neutral conductors (in addition to be jammed under one lug screw) in close proximity to one of the legs.
Sloppy amateur work. I is r eye -litric-gal specialist…:wink:

I posted the pics just for humor. The panel was a major mess. I just summed it up by saying there were several issues, and a licensced electrician needed to come out and further inspect, and repair or replace as needed.