What is this thing?





Doorbell transformer mounted to a blank plate on a round ceiling or wall box.

I had a door bell button stick the other day, it worked once, then when I was meandering around I smelled something cooking, the transformer.

that puppy SEIZED on ya…usually when I see this it is a faulty button that LOCKS the thing down…probably the NEIGHBOR kids doing the old “Press and Run” deal…

Ok Paul, here is one I have never seen before. In a Federal Pioneer breaker panel the electrician who wired it put a receptacle into the bottom right hand side of the case. I have not seen this done before and it left me scratching my head a little. I am aware, the code says the panel should have a receptacle mounted directly adjacent to it for service purposes but this just did not seem right.
What say the gurus?

The main electrical panel box, cannot be altered in such a way as to cut in a electrical receptacle. There should be a seperate device box for receptacle at panel.

Some panels actually have a receptical shaped knockouts near the bottom. I’ll grab a picture for this thread the next time I see one.

I have seen newer panels with a plug outlet installed right in the panel. Its not unusual.

Thanks Guys
It was the first for me and I wondered.


Hey…sorry getting back to you as I have been swamped with blueprints…always a good thing for a EC.

Normally electrical panels do not allow receptacles within them, now I have installed alot of panels and I have not seen any with a pre-installed receptacle but I am sure they exist…just I have not run into any.

You can’t simply add a receptacle to a panel enclosure…but if the panel is designed to have one in it ( much like we see on structured wiring panels ) then it is fine.

The ones to call out are the panels you KNOW do not have a need for an receptacle and an aftermarket FIX has added one…that is when you should call it out atleast to be reviewed.

Joe T our "Senior" electrical trainer may have more on this...thehehe..sorry JOE..I could not resist....

OK…back to the pricing I go…any electricians out their need a JOB…:slight_smile:

Some cabinets are designed for a receptacle. I have a picture of a 50 amp receptacle installed in the cover of a 200 amp panel, (illegal) and the 50 foot cord near it that was used to supply the hot table in the hotel parking lot when car shows were there is a classic!

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Actually…I take that back…I did do some installs with receptacles in the actual panel…when I made up a bunch of temp poles for a sub-division.

However these panels were " designed " for this installation and had actual receptacle plug openings in the enclosure and obviously it was listed and labeled for the application.

Just taking a normal panel and slapping a receptacle in it…would not JIVE…man I am HIP tonight

Boy O boy you guys look scary!!:wink:

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Paul was discussing the position of the grounding terminal here on a receptacle, and was using an interesting method to find any heat.

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So guys are you keeping up with all the “electrical new stories” around the country? Probably too busy…:smiley:

Major power problems in St. Louis and L.A … Record power consumption with all this heat and A/C use… Talk about poor infrastructure, the city POCO was hauled to court one year not to long ago for numerous “equipment” failures…
The number of splices on the power lines must have been at an all time high… :wink:

What do you guys (super sparkies) see as a key in reducing power
consumption? If any? Education , Equipment for the consumer.
Wind mill in the yard and solar panel on the roof…:shock:

Just a note:
It was mentioned earlier in a post that the panel requires a receptacle near it. That may be a local code, but it is not in the NEC. Panels do not require any receptacles near them, some install the receptacle with a nipple to the panel and the box supporting the receptacle in a basement, as the unfinished basement requires a receptacle, but the location is only used for convenience.