Is this impact window?

Can someone tell me if this casement windows is impact resistant under Florida hurricane resistant standards? Thank you

What brings my attention is that although the ratings look good in the label, the window has only one pane, not double pane with the gas inside. I’m sorry I’m not an expert. please let me know if one pane is enough resistance here in Florida. Thank you

This is what I read in the label

It would help for the reasoning of your question.

I posted and saw Non-Member, so deleted…Upset HO maybe :neutral_face:


I signed as a guest because i’m not an active inspector, although I have some certificates. I was allowed to sign up with less privileges. I really didn’t wanted to upset experts, but after browsing on the internet for 3 hours to look for answers to this only window I bought(Home Depot did the rest of the house 7 years ago, except one hexagonal and I ended up getting this rectangular from a second vendor) then I decided to get into a forum for help. If someone can help I really appreciate. Again, it’s a single paned window.

When in doubt, contact the Manufacturer directly: Contact


Yes, that appears to be impact.
But if the other hexagonal window is not impact, along with every single glazed opening, you wont get any insurance discount.