Is this inspection similar to a commercial one?

Do commercial inspections include correction suggestions. Trying to figure out if an inspection using this type of military form is inline with commercial inspections.

“Include”? Hell no!
Sometimes a Commercial Client will request a “Cost to Cure” report, and IF you provide that service, you damned well better be charging the appropriate fee for it!!

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The overwhelming majority of commercial reports follow ASTM E2018-15. Learn that standard, and you’ll be playing on even ground with the big boys. E2018-15 has no equal.

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@aankeny CCPIA’s SOP course teaches how to handle repair/replacement cost estimates.

Sometimes it will be of the most interest to the client, so CCPIA has a clause you can add to your inspection agreement to help shield you (and your specialty consultants) from claims related to repair/replacement cost estimates:

Thanks. Not trying to get guidance on how I should do the inspection. I have decided that I am not the best person for this particular job. I just wanted to know if this was in line with what CCPIA does so that I could point the client in the right direction. I am guessing that is not the case.

I apologize for not being clearer in the post. Are there any suggestions for a more appropriate type of inspector?

Many of these guys are Veteran “Nachi” Inspectors that have moved on to bigger and better things over the years!!

Nick created CCPIA a few years later, after losing some of the best inspectors to NACBI (founded by Nachi Inspectors), when they refused to “play with him”.


You can find qualified inspectors here:

Thanks Jeffrey. Since CCPIA doesnt usually entail this type of reporting, I will give them this link and hopefully they can match up with someone.

Per the ASTM standards, your Property Condition Assessment (PCA) and your Property Condition Report (PCR) needs a five year forecast of repairs and yes the customers will want to know HOW MUCH it is going to cost them, along with things like ADA compliance and Life expectancy of composites ext, ext . In your Inspection agreement refer to the inspection as a General Property Assessment (GPA) and a Property Assessment Report, spell out what your doing for the Inspection fee and what your Not doing. Keeps expatiation to what’s in writing and takes away the assumption. When I’m performing PCA I’m bringing a HVAC contractor, Roofer and whom ever I needed when I did a Pre-site inspection — and I charge for that service (A lot). with a GPA, my pricing is by Sq Ft, number of suites and if the suites are Occupied (Takes more time). But please don’t just jump into Commercial Inspections only armed with Home Inspection Experiences, more than likely your customer already has a team of Legal experts reviewing the files and will go after you if your report is just a bunch of check in boxes with no real meat to the Report. Best of Luck Nick