is wind mit transferable

Client asked if the wind mit is transferable to a new owner. Any one know?

I think that the answer depends on who you ask. Also, I would speculate that a wind mit performed prior to April 22, 2010 on the original 2 page form would likely not be accepted by an insurer (even though the form says "valid for up to 5 years).

No the current form must be signed by the homeowner/insured at the time of the inspection. Most insurance companies I work with want the correct name and signature.

Homeowner to complete: I certify that the named Qualified Inspector or his or her employee did perform an inspection of the residence identified on this form and that proof of identification was provided to me or my Authorized Representative.
Signature: ___________________________________ Date:__________________________
An individual or entity who knowingly provides or utters a false or fraudulent mitigation verification form with the intent to obtain or receive a discount on an insurance premium to which the individual or entity is not entitled commits a misdemeanor of the first degree. (Section 627.711(3), Florida Statutes)

John, Here is a question for discussion: While doing a home inspection for your client (buyer), they ask you to perform a wind mit as well. As they are not the homeowner at time of inspection, can they sign the form? Should the current homeowner sign the form? Hmm?

I would transfer the data to a new report for a fee

The buyer(insured) will sign the form. It is my understanding that all most all insurers will require the policy holder to sign. Almost every form that I send in signed by another gets refused. I stopped even trying, it seems *“or my Authorized Representative” *does not count.


I have not run into this before and they (underwriter) have accepted the " Autorized Represenative" like a property manager

I like the way you think. That’s a business man.:slight_smile:

Thanks man