Request to put Wind Mit in another name

I’ve received a few requests recently from insurance agents to revise recently completed wind mitigation reports with a new owners name. My guess is the underwriters are no longer accepting them for new owners. What policy do you guys have towards this? I’m indifferent about it and would like to know what the busy wind mit guys are doing.

Unless that “new owner’s name” was your client, I wouldn’t even consider it.

The new owner can pay for a new wind mit.


Thanks Dom. I’ll run with that.

Your insurance will not cover you if you get sued by the person with the new name as they weren’t your client and there was no contract with them. I agree with Dominic!

No way Jose. Gota get paid :slight_smile:

Kind of like fraud just a little

I wouldn’t think of it as fraud - The inspection is about features of the dwelling, not who owns it - If it sells the features remain the same. Wouldn’t date it any different if, by some miracle, I was cajoled into it - (And I have been - the wife was awarded the house in a divorce and changed to her maiden name).

My inspection maybe but if we are talking about a wind mit somebody else has done there is absolutely no way.

Man, you are talking in circles!

What do you mean by: "My guess is the underwriters are no longer accepting them for new owners.?

People use the form when they shop for insurance.

Are you awkwardly trying to imply that ins agents are trying to get you to put a different customer name on a report you did for someone else, just b/c the address is the same?

Pls be more specific in what you want to know.

Agreed. “Don’t even consider it”. For existing clients, we change the name on wind mits all the time for a variety of reason… Changing to llc, whatever…But, if they are not our client, they need a new wind mitigation and they must pay for it.
We got to get paid!

Not sure if you guys have run into this yet… kinda off topic but Citizens is using their catalog of 350,000+ re-inspections to dispute and take away credits for homeowners who just moved in or bought a home. For example, you buy a house get it inspected and it comes back with clips. Citizens will double check that against the inspection they already had done previously and possibly deny those credits if the inspection they have on file shows toe nails. So… just be sure your right about the credits your giving.

Citizens and the person who performed the original inspection are to blame. Have done re inspections on some of these and it’s no wonder
to me at this point. We all make mistakes but most borderline stupidity.

We overturn re-inspections weekly. Many re-inspection have issue or one reason or another. Citizens is open to additional documentation that alters the re-inspection. As long as that documentation is comprehensive and accurate.

The real question is, will Home Inspectors be pressured by the realtors to overlook deal killing toe nails?

I say no, how could that ever stand up to a reinspection?

I would laugh out loud if they even sugested it :slight_smile:

Why would home inspectors overlook toenails? Some might take offense to that remark! :stuck_out_tongue:

Kevin, we don’t “give credits”, the insurance company does.
Write down what you see, then back it up with the picture.

I try and keep mine trimmed as well!..Hahahaha.


It’s not about us getting paid more - it’s about ethics. Look at it this way… If I pay you to develop a report (in this case a Wind Mitigation), I own that report. It’s not yours to resell to the next owner. That is fraud, plain and simple. The new owner needs a new wind inspection. The fact that one was done recently is irrelevant.

Here’s a good thread that may provide some guidance…


What I meant by my previous post is that I feel this will not always be the case. Citizens already has 350,000+ inspections on file. Eventually in conjunction with other insurers nearly all homes will be on file and a new wind mitigation will only be needed when features are updated. (if they pool or share all reports) Seems to me this is the way things are heading now that Citizens can and is, just pulling up old reports to check… time will tell.

No offense meant. :cool:

I have watched the less informed and pushy realtors try to coerce and cajole the wind mit like its a bad color of paint. The only thing that good wind mitigation professional need to fear from previously re-inspected homes, is to give into temptation, and overlook some negatives.

As was already stated, keep it honest and no need to fear the re-inspections. :mrgreen:

Please note: The term wind mitigation professional was substituted for home inspector in an effort to avoid offending anyone with or without unsightly toenails.