Scheduling Software Pros and Cons

Hey everyone. Hope all is well.
I’m just looking for feedback from those that are using ISN, Inspector Toolbelt and Nxt Inspekt. I’m not looking for back and forth as to which is better. I’m just looking for feedback from those that are using any of these and what are your thoughts and maybe pros and cons of that particular program.

I’m using one of them but I’m thinking of switching over to one of the other 2. I am doing my own testing on it and I know that to each their own and how they run their business but just curious as to how you find it.


Nxt Inspekt is free for 5 years with your Nachi membership. Nick posted something about it awhile back.
I think you just download the trial and then tell them you are a nachi member. and they will give you 5 years.

Its easier to use then ISN. and allot less BS.
Inspector tool belt is way more basic, but you can only accept payments using square.

Thanks William for your reply.

Used ISN for years, good service and very adaptable program… John


Never use anything because once you do it’s impossible to leave it seems.

Max, I am looking at scheduling platforms and have looked at the three brands you mentioned. Do you mind sharing where you landed?

Hi Jennifer,
I haven’t officially landed on any one in particular but I’m in the midst of trying out NxtInspekt right now. It seems ok. I think like anything, it takes time figuring things out and getting used to, but I like it. I don’t think there is really one better than the other. It’s all a matter of preference and style.

What or how do you currently schedule, send reminders, payments, etc. without scheduling software like ISN?