Great Weather in FL! Read it and weep Yankees

Read it and weep Yankees
Now feel sorry for me.

Be honest. You have the heat pump on, right?

Every time I’m in FL or AZ the locals are wearing sweaters and jackets at 77 F.

The HP ain’t running…the thermo is set at 76.
The reason we wear sweaters is because of the friggin’ humidity make it seem colder.

Heat pump is usually always on at my house. Sometimes heat at night and AC during the day. But no sweater for me today. Shorts and flip flops.

Keep poking at them Roy!..more snowbirds = more inspections:D despite the traffic and parking.

My wife and I are headed down now to look at houses in the Orlando area!

We are excited to leave the 33 degrees in Indianapolis

Were watching it creep above 0 today, I may call Mike Larson and ask him if he wants to go ice fishing later when it warms up to 16 degrees. If it gets any colder I’m gonna need a scarf and gloves.

It was 72 here in Bmore, rare this time of year but happens…

The first photo shows how Yankees celebrate Christmas. The second is how you guys in Florida celebrate it.

In a few minutes that guy will be surrounded by Greenpeace people, they will wet him down and send him back to join the other whales:mrgreen:

How are your June through September inspections. I talk to a lot of folks who treat a Florida summer like a Vermont winter. They can’t stand the temperatures. It is easier to warm up than to cool down. I still hate winter. But oppressive heat is not far down the hate scale.

The hotter the better!
I love girls in bikinis! Oh Yes!

I happen to know that fat f%@#.
And he is a Yankee!
Don’t come down! really!
Wees got skeeters wif dezieus !

Wouldn’t want that guy to walk in the attic.
Oh! wait, he wouldn’t fit in a 22"x30" attic access anyways. He must be one that inspects from the opening. ;):):mrgreen:

In Florida we have our own Santa.

I’ll take the cold weather any day…it keeps the amount of nut jobs to a minimum.

Guess you never saw “Fargo”! :shock:

People in cold weather live longer lol . When is hurricane season ?

Yesterday was in the low 70’s, today it’s in the upper 30’s and some rain, have the morning off so sitting beside a crackling fire!:stuck_out_tongue:

I love the weather changes in this part of the world, keeps things lively!
When the cold front roared in last night there was a single huge thunderclap, startled the heck out of me.

Just to keep you snowbirds informed …
Read it and cry Yankees…